we'ar summer favourites

we'ar re-living the warmer months by reveling in the beauty of some of our most popular summer dresses....

 pleated kaftan in tangerine. best way to enhance a summer glow!

 cruise dress in white - soft tree silk drapery :)

tubelicious in plant dye blue - comfort and ease whilst looking smoking hot! excellent.

we'ar stocking these items all year round so you lucky so and so's in the northern hemisphere can get in on a piece of the goodness xx

we'ar : 29 cross st auckland nz

we love our abode...

...especially on a crisp clear winters day... there are a few new ventures happening on this hidden gem of a street in newton. check us out xx

smart fasting

the topic of fasting came up at we'ar and there seems to be a lot of different reasons and methods for attempting to fast.  
getting into the colder months if you're anything like us there will undoubtedly be an influx of heavy, rich, warm (albeit nutritious) foods being introduced into your diet. which is great, but some of these can also leave you feeling heavy and sluggish if over consumed. like for example having curry and rice for lunch and topping it off with a couple of extra samosas... mmm samosas... well, you see what i mean. 

fasting can be a fantastic way to detoxify the body and leave you feeling lighter and brighter for giving your digestive system a break. but there are definitely some guidelines to be aware of, especially if you have a busy lifestyle or specific dietary conditions. for a good article from a naturopath on fasting and nutrition tips, read more here xx

behind the seams

stumbled across ethicalstyle blog, a commentary on fashion industry ethics and a guide to conscious shopping. some useful info to keep up to date with the international scene and issues of ethical contention! 
naughty kate! sweatshop dress faux pas...

t shirt designed by karl lagerfeld auctioned to raise funds for japan earthquake relief. 
operating under a holistic framework, we'ar aware of the major impact of modern consumerism in today's society. read more about about our philosophy and beliefs here xx

pretty good

good magazine is an nz publication dedicated to bringing you the good things in life - eco friendly designs, articles and recipes to name a few. came across this handy little guide on the website showing what produce is in season throughout the year, and seeing as its officially winter tomorrow (boo!) its useful to know what fruit and veg is in its prime.
check out this tried and trusted warm kumara salad recipe - its vegan and so easy and delicious!

bake two kumara whole (skin on) for 1 hr.
chop into bite sized chunks and mix with chopped spring onion, parsley and a few handfuls of baby spinach leaves.
drizzle over 2 Tb spoon each of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
season with salt and pepper.

for a non-vegan option add some crumbled feta cheese. yum xx

bamboo eco-luxe

we'ar incorporating bamboo blends into our snuggly winter yoga range so let's look at what makes it so special... bamboo is actually a grass and grows faster than any other species which makes it a fantastic sustainable product for textiles.  its super smooth characteristics make it super soft next to the skin and it absorbs moisture well. it also has anti-bacterial properties which makes it healthier and germ and odour free :)

all good things considered, the chemical processing used to obtain fibres can sometimes be quite toxic- therefore not the most eco friendly, as fibres are dissolved in cellulose. there are ways of treating the fibres with enzymes, although it is more expensive and time consuming which is why it's not as preferred by manufacturers. so basically the more natural the process the more costly... but worth it. let us know your thoughts!

bamboo fleece cocoonlet - easily the softest piece in the winter range...  i would start getting up at 5am again to do yoga in this bad boy. delish

bamboo hasu deluxe - bamboo cotton lycra blend so the comfort factor is ridiculous for how awesome they look. yoga pant that doubles as a solid high waisted option with boots, what more could you want out of one item?? wait, also the top can also be folded down on these (to fit similar to our original hasu pant). there, another reason why these are a winter must have! xx 

if you want more in depth info on bamboo as an eco-fabric this article has some interesting points

come on down to cross st

we'ar giving you a taster of new season goodies just put out on the shop floor...

wool coats and knitted lace dresses are just a few of the exciting new pieces available... so get down here quick smart to play dress ups with our pretty new clothes! oh and there are also gloves and socks to layer up with too xx

p.s if you've never been here before we are located at 29 cross st newton behind ironbank  :)

head rush

its 5pm and for some of us the energy is a little burnt out... uttanasana is one of my favourite poses for rejuvenating a stagnant mind.  plus a good good ol' hamstring stretch is always a bonus!  

somewhat challenging self pic, casually hanging out in my we'ar tubelicious xx

By we'ar on 2011-05-03

shine lady is a new contemporary dance work from Ann Dewey and Spinning Sun with seasons in Leigh and TAPAC in Auckland through may.  we'ar being represented with our parchment raja pants used for costuming. the perfect yoga/ street-wear fusion piece has just added another string to its bow ;)

dealing with themes of female divinity and hindu goddess' shine lady is sure to be a visual feast.. loving the image btw xx

here are the deets:

we'ar welcoming you inside our world

Now up and running to bring you the latest updates here at we'ar...  things we love, things that inspire us and a look into all the exciting new goodness evolving at we'ar.  ~watch this space~

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