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we'ar is getting excited for splore! music, arts, performance and community rolled into a 3 day festival at tapapakanga regional park from 17th-19th Feb. the we'ar team will be there along with a few extra helping hands setting up our stall, selling our awesome clothes, as well as live tweeting and checking out all the variety splore has to offer. maria and anya tell you what they are looking forward to most...

Maria Selects

saturday in the seduction saloon... 
sooo I'm slightly biased because I will be dancing in In Flagrante here, but this really appeals to the performer in me! workshops, circus and burlesque running throughout the day into the eve, what a great way for people to express their creativity in a fun, crazy open environment. I'm keen to check out the barons of tang too - a mash-up of tango, rockabilly, metal and gypsy funk - yes please!

yoga and pilates workshops
looking forward to a chill out yoga session on the sunday after a full on weekend of splore fun... and our we'ar yogini pal katy carter will be teaching! there will also be meditation, Pilates and tai chi in the portavillion - a relaxing sanctuary to recharge the weary mind and body x x

the hooha hut
any excuse for dress-ups...

'From Friday to Sunday Splore magically transforms into the quasi-mystical cartoon-ironical, Island of Hooha. Expect rampaging wild beasties, nymphs and troupes of adventurers. To fit in with the locals bring costumery that enhances a feeling of anticipation for ribald good times and a personal bubbling up of exotica.'
there is even a head-dress workshop available. intriguing...

we'ar is also lucky to be spending time outdoors in such a beautiful environmental setting such as Tapapakanga national park - there is a pre-historic stonefield garden, and two Maori Pa sites, and boasts a pohutukawa fringed coastline. Read more about the history of the park here 

from top left: maria in costume for in flagrante, barons of tang in their glory, katy carter yoga for a strong and beautiful yoga practice who will be teaching yoga at splore!, the splore venue (can it get any better) and hows this for a splore costume! if you want something a little less... baloony? try out some of our we'ar summer range here.

Anya Selects

local legends on a global stage
dont get me wrong, i love an international act as much as the next person but there is so much awesome local flavor in one place its hard not to get excited! Scratch22 (also a member of ARC who happen to have their own store opposite ours on cross street in auckland) will be playing, @peace and the always amazing king kapisi. lots of love for the locals! one of the coolest things though is that a lot of creative connections will be forged at this event, and it will be even more interesting to see what comes out of the local creative community in a years time - new connections, new collaborations, new insights! gotta love splore!

arts and quirkyness combine!
i love the fact that splore is so much more than a music festival! whilst we are all looking forward to dancing away to miss badu you can also spend your days perusing art installations including work from the likes of cut collective and miranda brown. performance art more your thing? i was lucky enough to check out super kakkoi fighting kitten friends recently and totally reccomend going along to see it, especially if you like me have a thing for pokemon / japanese culture / cats / hilarity!

a reason to dress up!
my main wardrobe favorite for womad last year was my pleated kaftan dress, you can un button those floaty arms and rock it as a low backed halter neck! this year ill be we'aring my polkahontas dress with pride. haven't sorted your splore wardrobe? come visit us and snap up one of our dream sea dresses or lace body suits? don't have time before splore? find us in the market area and we'ar will sort you out! did you know that the kabuki klompen are perfect for dancing in all day even on the most uneven of ground?

from left: the beautiful miss badu, scratch 22's latest album, performance art cuteness, an example of arty goodness from the cut collective and local hero king kapisi


love we'ar? snap a photo of yourself we'aring your fav we'ar goodies at splore or  have your photo taken with our team at splore market stall! upload your photo to the we'ar facebook, or @ us on your twitpic or instagram snap and receive a 20% discount code for your next we'ar online purchase! best photo as voted by our we'ar splore team wins a yoga pack of a pair of yoga pants and a perfect yoga top for finding your inner calm on the yoga mat in the post splore glow! dont forget the camera and in the meantime why not head to the website to peruse your possible new yoga look...

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