Yoga mat rundown : favourites from our eco luxe yoga land

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every week we’ar collating our favourite discoveries in the areas that make us tick, from yoga, pilates and the persuit of the perfect wave to healthy eating, living and loving! this weeks theme? all things green…

we’ar love green from the bright olive green of our tubelicious and little india dresses to the green ethos that infuses into our every day existence! its not surprising when you look at where we'ar is made! if you haven't seen the lush green of bali then make sure you check out our bali spirit festival coverage.  we’ar already let you know five reasons its good to be green this week but if you need a few more …

Sex shop goes green - only organic and vegan products  via nzherald

clean green and dirty dozen – which veggies you should make the switch for organic now! via the denizen

green rooftops – jd architects designs amazing  rooftop green gardens via designboom

a giant green salad? – alison knowles makes a giant  (we mean giant) salad for earth day – via collabcubed

upcycled teaspoons get a green new life  - matakana plant markers are sweet and crafty – via nzgirl

would you plant your own green forest? -   amazing indian man single-handedly plants a 1,360 acre forest via tree hugger

handbag green house anyone?  -  besau marguerre's portable greenhouse "to go" via notcot 

not so much green as grassy but lovely to boot - the grassy knoll cafe via gatherandhunt

tips on greening your yoga studio -  green yoga studios via yoga journal

bright, green + inspiring - yoga shots taken in mysore india via yogic photos

need a little  more green? our v tank for men is a best seller in the divine green, while our lichen green metropolis hoodie is currently on sale…  being green has never been so stylish! have your own favourite green things? share in the comments!

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