organic farming and a 'slower life'

if you google search 'organic produce deliveries' for auckland, its surprising how many businesses pop up. all offering varying produce at reasonable prices with quick and easy delivery, it seems more and more people are opting for a lifestyle with a conscious commitment to sustainable farming, and potentially a slower pace of rural life.

likewise there has been a massive trend of late in australia,  particularly in areas surrounding byron bay with organic farms becoming common-place for local suppliers. organic farmers munch crunch organics grow over 25 types of vegetables, citrus and macadamias, and the sub-tropical environment with rich volcanic soil means they can grow pretty much all year round. where a self-awareness of responsible food cultivation is becoming more recognized in urban society, it also seems a younger generation are getting involved...

take japan for example. in a country where a hectic fast pace of living (and working) is putting strain on finding employment, a lot of younger people are leaving the anxiety behind and considering farming to rediscover the value of a traditional life. the average age of a farmer in japan is around 65 years old - and while the amount of people returning to the countryside is small in comparison to those headed for the city, more people are looking at the option - and the number is increasing.

photos: bbc news

 wondering where the best places in auckland are to buy your organic produce? or simply delicious food using locally sourced ingredients? we'ar loves...


harvest wholefoods
naturally organic
all good food 
little bird organics
the little grocer
ripe deli
tell us about your favourite suppliers of healthy fresh organic fruit and veg! we'ar would love to hear about it xx

coming to a studio near you!

the we'ar team have been hitting the road trying out yoga classes around auckland - from hot to yin and everything in between to see what we like to wear and what is the best textile and fit for each practice style. 

recently we went to auckland's newest hot yoga studio in newmarket to get our sweat on! gorgeous studio space, beautiful amenities and helpful and friendly staff :)

and it got us we'ar super excited about our brand new pod tops! which are the perfect item for a hot and steamy practice - really supportive and available in a multitude of zesty dreamy colours, and the ties can be worn any which way...

where will we head next...? tell us about your favourite studio or teacher, we'ar keen to check them out! keep posted for updates on how you can be best dressed for your practice xx

“It’s not a movement—it’s an awakening”

Photo: J.T. Liss (Photography For Social Change)

off the mat and into the world founder seane corn occupied wall street this week to lead a crowd in a chant stating:

“Our intention for being here is to support with all the men, women , and children, who because of lack of opportunity, dissapointment, dissatisfaction, and anger, are finally feeling the need to rally together as a community to exercise their first amendment right, Freedom of speech, as well as Freedom of Assembly. To speak to truth that is perpetually separating all Americans from happiness, health, and prosperity. What is happening out here is yoga because it is about connection, community, unity, love, truth, happiness. This is why we are here. To lend our voice. To show our support, and to show what we stand for not against. We stand for unity. We stand for opportunity. We stand for equality. We stand for love. The most important thing we need to remember is that this matters. You matter. We matter. All of us matter. It’s a bout 100% love, 100%unity, 100% peace, 100% of the time.”
for more info check out the Remaining Human blog post on elephant journal - a buddhist perspective on occupy wall st that makes for some interesting reading shared in a positive light xx

eco friendly pedal power at NY fashion week

spring is here! spring is here! sing it with me now, spring is here! we'ar feeling the balmy goodness and think it high time to get out and soak up some of that sun... and what better way than cruising around on a bike? dust 'em off!

need inspiration for a customizing your own crafty bicycle? at new york fashion week a handful of designers are lending their talents to tour de fashion - glammed up bicycles that are free to hire for one hour... 

we'ar loving betsey johnson's pink and pretty creation xx

source: ecouterre

this is how we do it... all hands are in the air (not really)

this is how we keep toasty and warm down @ cross st!

fur covered inspiration taken from confused lions at wellington zoo yesterday...

hang in there buddy! xx

and the moral behind the story is...

this animation is so sweet! animal cuteness! also makes you think about the way you handle obstacles (and people) in life... favourite moment? the facials around 2.05mins in. gold xx 

Bridge from Ting on Vimeo.

forget gypsy weddings

we have so many awesome accessories here at we'ar at the moment! and after getting totes jealz over all those wanderlust photos, we decided by dressing up like gypsy's we could almost pretend we were there... almost...

 wool beanie $55
available in grey, red, pink, black and cream x 

maria we'ars grace maxi dress 
flower headband $45
feather earrings $190
silk scarf $60

 anya we'ars pleated kaftan in au lait
bird necklace $385
feather headband $45

maria we'ars pleated kaftan in azure
 gold betelguese cuff p.o.a
long sutra earrings $320

 anya we'ars diy tank in azure
twice belt (worn as headband) $55

butterfly earrings $90
silk scarf (worn as top) $60


its reeeealy cold today. this is how we'ar coping...

hats that look like what babies wear as onesies - so excellently warm! 

whats that lurking in the background? 
*cough* magical wand *cough*

btw in case you haven't heard we have cute as a button herringbone caps in stock. did I hear you say photo op...?

aviation chic xx

want a sweet free mat towel..?

we'ar loves excellent give-aways that involve yoga products! win a manduka eQua plus mat towel by heading over to y is for yogini and follow the steps... and yes this is a worldwide comp little kiwis ;)

btw if you're looking, we still have a few manduka eco mats left at cross st xx

up and coming little we'ar-ers...

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