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we'ar is getting excited for splore! music, arts, performance and community rolled into a 3 day festival at tapapakanga regional park from 17th-19th Feb. the we'ar team will be there along with a few extra helping hands setting up our stall, selling our awesome clothes, as well as live tweeting and checking out all the variety splore has to offer.

Dance first. Think later.

Maria is a trained contemporary dancer, graduating with a bachelor of performing arts from unitec in 2006 and completed her yoga teacher training course in byron bay in 2010. Maria has been performing in various dance work ranging from burlesque, cabaret and fringe dance over the past year after returning to new zealand, and is currently involved in a range of exciting projects with the nz dance community for 2012.

we'ar and natural fibres

ever heard of a thing called 'microplastic pollution'? tiny bits of acrylic and polyester smaller than the head of a pin are being found on shorelines worldwide and it would seem washing machines are a major source of this.  the problem seems to considerably worse in more densely populated areas, with household waste water reported to be a major source of the contamination.
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