Show us the colour!

Show us the colour!

Pelangi means Rainbow in Indonesian and that’s the inspiration of Pak Komang who directs the printing house where we are making our new season prints.

Follow the Sun: Suki Sunglasses

Follow the Sun: Suki Sunglasses

New objects of total beauty have just landed in our Bali stores: Suki Sunglasses. The sunglasses are made of wood, are ecologically sound, handmade and not to forget – in a word: super cool (ok two words).

WE'AR relocates!

yes we have! WE'AR have packed up our yoga pants and shifted from Cross St to a great bright and sunny wee location that we know you will love...

our temporary Auckland pop up store will be loacated at 168 Richmond Rd Ponsonby, right next store to Ripe Deli (if you didn't know where this heavenly foodstore was already... well... you should... its AMAZING!)

WE'AR currently unpacking and organizing everything to open up shop on Monday, so make sure to come and visit us next week and have some lunch in the sun... we will be open and more vibrant than ever!

Remember, if you just can't wait, the webstore is still trading!!

See you very soon

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A sip of something wonderful

You asked for it and we deliver. An ode to the beverage we all seem to love so much + a recipe for my spicy chai to ward off the darkest day or coldest evening….

delicious creamy chai mmmmmm

Brewing up chai is all a bit like potion making for the non magic/adult and there is something about the smell of hot almond milk and spices that just makes you feel amazing.

Its chai time? First and foremost set the scene! I love to make chai for me and someone awesome because lets be honest everything tastes better when you share it. So next time its cold and chilly ask your girlfriend, best friend or yoga buddy over for some chai, roast up some almonds and wrap yourselves up in something warm and make it together. Then drink it together over awesome conversation, watch something inspiring or just soak up some yummy silent stillness. 

Extra for experts: I used to make chai with one of my best friends in my hometown; now that we are apart I periodically mix her up little jars of the spices and send it to her, it makes her cry - in a good way. 

Chill warding off chai for two

1 and a ½ cups of almond milk
2 teaspoons of your favourite black tea (I like Harney and Sons decaf Assam because i like to drink chai before bed and don't want to be awake till 2am)
½ cup of boiling water
2 or 3 peppercorns or a good grind of pepper
2  star anise
1 cinnamon stick broken into two
2 – 3 thin slices of stem ginger
½ teaspoon of mixed spice
Sprinkling of dried orange peel
                   2 cardamom pods (I crush these with a knife before throwing them in)
1 – 2 whole cloves
1 – 2 teaspoons of ginger syrup (I use hakanoa ginger syrup but you can opt for honey or maple syrup this gives the chai some sweetness you can also omit this if your sweet enough.. evidently im not!)

This is a great beginner chai, lots of yummy flavours but nothing too overt or over the top. And all you have to do is put everything in the pan and heat gently for 2 – 3 minutes stirring continuously. Then strain and pour into two mugs. If you want your tea frothy pour from a height into the cups repeatedly this gets lots of air into your chai and makes it feel velvety.

If you love your chai spicy then amp up the star anise to 3 - 4 and the mixed spice to a full teaspoon and add a little powdered ginger along with the stem ginger. If you want richness add a little cocoa or use soy instead of almond milk. Most of all experiment, this is the blend I love but you can adjust the amounts to suit your palette or mood.

Here are some of your chai tips from our we'ar family

 @yogabetty – chilled out chai
“I love a good SPICY chai... Especially over ice! Not sure why but I just love it ;)… I actually make ice cubes out of the chai! This way as it melts it's not watered down :)”

@goodiedo – recommend a great pre made chai (by sending us a package as a gift!)
“this chai on the brew from @clippersteas is amazing! said tea was a gift from the team at @goodiedo what a great day!”

Auckland yoga academy share their own recipe on their site

love chai? love tea? what are your tips or recipe for a cup of chai perfection?

anya @ we'ar 
x x x

WE'AR spotlight:

 You may be familiar with Miriama as an actress and television presenter, and WE'AR also is familiar with her in a yogic sense - from Miriama's generosity to humanitarian projects, to dedicated practice and involvement with the yoga community in Auckland. She is also a particular fan of our colour palette and looks fabulous in our designs! This active yogini talks about her love of fitness and yoga, and about some of the projects she has ventured upon while fundraising for Habitiat for Humanity...

 clockwise from top: yoga class at the yoga sanctuary, miriama in triangle pose for les mills body balance, Habitat for Humanity for reconciliation build, stunning Muriwai beach in New Zealand.

How did you become involved with Habitat for Humanity?
I became involved with Habitat for Humanity through my friend Sam Copland. She knew that I was passionate about humanitarian projects and that I also loved traveling so she introduced me to the group and to our team leader Jaclyn Philpott and on 3rd August we are heading to Sri Lanka to build a village.

When did you begin your yoga journey, and what style are you practicing at the moment?
I first began my Yoga journey in 2000. I had been living overseas and traveling a lot but decided to come home to see the first light of the new millennium with people that I loved and cared about aka: family and friends. I then began a regular health and fitness regime again and started trying Yoga classes at Les Mills in Auckland. The teachers there are so thorough and they offer a variety of styles. So I soon caught the "yoga bug" body responded almost immediately. I was then asked to start teaching a class called "Body Balance". It was a new class which incorporates Thai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Dance. From there I started deepening my practice to the point where I developed 'self-practice'. Over the last twelve years I have tried all types of Yoga ranging from Ashtanga, Mysore, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Anusara. I even got hooked on Bikram Yoga in 2009 when I was living in Christchurch, it was just so cold down there that Bikram was perfect for me. Now I practice at least five days a week without heat. I am still attending Yoga classes at Les Mills because I like the convenience of regular mid-morning classes and all the teachers are great there. Vincent (Yoga Shala) has a strong practice as does Mande White. Andre has a more flowing class which is quite dynamic and Denise brings the lovely flow you need on a Saturday morning with her Vinyasa practice. However, I am really enjoying attending the Yoga Sanctuary. I recently joined the Parnell studio where I attend Adele's classes on Monday and Wednesday nights. Her Anusara style is just so graceful and I feel amazing after it. Denise Ferguson is also a wonderful teacher there, so I try to do her classes twice a week. Then, when Steve White isn't traveling the world doing amazing things, I like to go to his Saturday morning class at The Yoga Sanctuary because has such a strong practice but he has such a light hearted, entertaining approach. We are so lucky in Auckland to have such a wide variety of top level teachers.

What draws you to WE'AR as a yoga wear brand?
Ohhhh where do I start??? It's just so yummy. The great thing about We'ar is it makes you feel good inside and out, which goes hand in hand with a good Yoga practice. The materials feel great to wear and the styles are just so unique that I am always getting asked "where are those pants from" or "where did you get that dress". We'ar is versatile, so I can practice in We'ar on the mat, then head straight to lunch with the girls and even rock into the evening wearing We'ar. It's feminine yet practical, fun but sexy. We'ar always guarantees a great colour palette too NZ we traditionally tend to wear a lot of black... I'm someone who loves to wear colour 'cos it stands out, it just makes you feel it's always a relief to walk into a We'ar store and be greeted by a rainbow of yumminess.

Tell us about "Unity Yoga"
Unity Yoga is a 2 hour yoga class taught by four different teachers whom each have a half an hour segment. I came up with the idea whilst planning my fundraising strategy for Sri Lanka. I wanted to provide an opportunity where people could give and actually be rewarded for their generosity as my way of saying "thank you". I held the first Unity Yoga on Saturday 5 May and am planning another one for mid-June. 
Describe your perfect sunday...
Waking up to my partner's smile and sunshine. Heading to Muriwai beach for a walk, swim, and family lunch. Followed by a hot pool under the stars, before tucking into a nice glass of Central Otago Pinot Noir and home cooked roast.

clockwise from top: tubelicious dress in plant dye blue, grey knitted dress, diy tank and button thru strides...
Miriama loves WE'AR pieces to that can take you through your day - from morning practice to an effortlessly stylish look for evening!

maria @ we'ar

x x x

transit of venus 2012

the last transit of venus in our lifetimes was observed this morning in New Zealand - Venus appeared as a small dark dot passing in front of the sun. Some images of the event to share with you care of AUT university from this chilly winter's morning....

 photos from AUT via twitter (snazzy shades!)

This exceedingly rare astronomical event won’t happen again until December 11, 2117!  So we can imagine this must be an exciting time for astrological enthusiasts around the world...
 happy venus transit love from the team @ WE'AR

x x x

WE'AR spotlight:

Jennifer Raoult is creative director and co-founder of French/NZ production company ClairObscur - the team who filmed our beautiful WE'AR summer collection 'morning light', and all the backstage action for New Zealand Fashion Festival. Yogini and mum to gorgeous Coco, Jen also happens to look amazing in all of our clothes! We ask Jen about her practice, current video projects and finding balance with motherhood and working in a creative industry...

 top: filming at splore 2012, bottom: jen we'ars our tree silk batwing sweater

What kind of projects are you working on at the moment?
I am creating visuals for a Hair and Fashion show in Australia. It's inspired by classic cinema but more precisely by the suspense and psychological thriller genres. So I'm watching and rediscovering Hitchcock filmography at the moment which I'm really enjoying. This makes research for this project very interesting & informative! I'm also working on a music video project, I'm feeling very excited by the concept and the people I'm working with on this one too.

What type of yoga do you practice, and how do you find the time with caring for a child?
I practice Hatha, Ashtanga and also Bikram. Since my daughter was born, (she is 18 months old now) I haven't been practicing regularly. I found it difficult to practice at home with baby around because it's hard to focus. But now that I only breastfeed for comfort, I'm getting back into it and of course love it even more. We also recently moved to live by the ocean in Piha. I feel very inspired & revitalized by this environment, it's fantastic for my soul and my practice!

What piece of the we'ar collection are you loving right now?
I'm wearing my grey deco skirt all the time, it has definitely become an essential! But I've seen the new winter collection on the catwalk and even had the privilege to try some pieces for the photoshoot and love it all so much! I cant wait to wear it!!!!!

How was ClairObscur visioned and created?
ClairObscur was born just over a year ago now. Faye was producing and directing music videos and I was directing and filming all sorts of things from docos to music videos...We were both interested in working with different creative industries like art, fashion & design... But more than anything we wanted to have more creative freedom. So that is why we decided to collaborate and create our own company. We knew that this way we could develop our own style and work with people we like. Another motivation was that Faye wanted to have a baby and Coco my daughter was 4 or 5 months old and we wanted our company to be kids friendly. This way we could help and support each other through motherhood and keep working as well as raising our children. We both love being mum but couldn't be only that. By creating ClairObscur, I think we found the right balance between motherhood and being creatively active outside of being a mum. It was a healthy choice for our souls and our families. Nikki, the third piece of the ClairObscur trio, joined us in September last year and was pregnant at the time. It was so natural and obvious for Nikki to be part of it, she is an amazing woman to work with and has a very beautiful peaceful energy. So ClairObscur is definitely a creative mumsy kids friendly production company!

Explain some of the joys and challenges of working in film...
There are many joys of working in film. Firstly it's never the same, every project is different so I rarely get bored! There is pressure like any other job but its a very stimulating sort of pressure! We meet a lot of nice people all the time and it's always a pleasure to work with them. I find this especially in New Zealand, people here are on the whole are very friendly, humble & caring. Also, I have been lucky enough to work with very talented and generous people who share their knowledge and skills, so I am constantly learning and progressing which is very encouraging! I can really express myself, bringing my vision, sensibility & sensitivity to each project. I think the challenge is trying to be innovative and to create quality product on big as well as small budget projects. That is why strong concepts are often the key to a good result!

 clockwise from top: at wynyard quarter filming 'morning light', jytoti and jen in an impromptu photo shoot, jen and adorable daughter coco snuggled up in our kulu wrap

check out the video of our collection and backstage action at New Zealand Fashion Festival filmed by Jen for ClairObscur:

make sure to stop by WE'AR HQ on Cross St, Auckland - we have just finished unpacking our winter stock! for overseas customers, don't worry - we will be adding to the online store very soon! In the meantime feel free to email for inquiries or orders

maria @ we'ar

x x x 

WE'AR spotlight:

WE'AR spotlight:

Jennifer Raoult is creative director and co-founder of French/NZ production company ClairObscur - the team who filmed our beautiful WE'AR summer collection 'morning light', and all the backstage action for New Zealand Fashion Festival. Yogini and mum to gorgeous Coco, Jen also happens to look amazing in all of our clothes! We ask Jen about her practice, current video projects and finding balance with motherhood and working in a creative industry...

Why I will be sleeping outside in the middle of winter

I’ll be honest, I dislike the cold immensely. I am of pacific descent, and often think my Niuean roots mean that I should probably be living somewhere warm and sunny perpetually. Co workers and housemates will attest to my need to have the heater on, and at least 3 layers when it gets cold so I would normally be less than excited about braving the outdoor cold for an hour let alone for an entire night.

However some of us don’t have a choice.

WE’AR HQ is based in Auckland , a vibrant harbor city with beautiful parks, boutique shopping and serene  spaces like Wynyard quarter and Britomart! It’s a growing city, and as the population grows the issue of homelessness will increase too.  It’s not a sexy issue, which is probably why it doesn’t get talked about as often as other city issues…

“Stereotypes would try to restrict the image of a homeless person to a certain sex or age however, homelessness does not discriminate. Men, women and children are all represented by Auckland’s current homeless population. They are an immensely vulnerable segment of society. These individuals deserve a compassionate and committed response.” - lifewise

The great thing is that just down the road from WE’AR HQ  in the K road precinct is Lifewise trust; a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing effective, long-term solutions to homelessness. Every year  Lifewise run “the big sleep out”  a night where influential New Zealanders leave the cosy comfort of their homes, forgo their creature comforts for a night of rough sleeping as a way of making a stand against homelessness. Along with awareness, each of the “big sleep out” participants aim to raise money for the work Lifewise do in the community. Thisyear, I will be amongst them!

I’ll be joining other ethically minded creatures like PippaCoom and Jacinda Adern and business leaders like Michael Goss of 2 degrees.  I am excited, and nervous!

WE’AR holds the ideals of sustainable business, ethical production and care for our community highly. These values underpin a lot of what happens here at WE’AR from supporting the guys of Whare Toa to our use of plant dye, and our commitment to organics. So it seems only fair that I put my money where my mouth is so to speak! You can sponsor me by simply clicking a link, so easy! 

Anya @ we-ar
x x x

“The big sleep out” will happen on the 28th of June and I welcome any words of support (via here, facebook, or twitter) leading up to and on the night. Recommendations on a really great sleeping bag, or donations to the cause. I will also be live tweeting the event, with my chilly chilly fingertips!

WE'AR spotlight:

Will is a trained contemporary dancer, singer and a friend of WE'AR - splore stall helper, fashion festival and cycle style model, as well as a general good time spirit around the office from time to time! Will has worked with some of New Zealand's lead contemporary dance artists such as Douglas Wright and Shona McCullagh, and also performed in the Auckland Theatre Company's season of 'Cabaret'. WE'AR talk to Will about dance, yoga and why our clothes are perfect for a freelance lifestyle...

clockwise from left: Will wears kulu wrap and linen pom pom scarf, on the runway for NZ Fashion Festival, Thomas, Will and WE'AR GM Anya in Auckland HQ at the screening of 'morning light'  summer '12 campaign

What inspires you right now?
At the moment the work I'm doing - creating a show based on gender studies and also fashion in dance, the way it moves and how it becomes an extension of the body, creating different spaces around it. 

What projects are you working on at the moment?
I have recently returned from Wellington working on a choreographic development workshop with dancer and choreographer Anita Hutchins, followed by a few photo shoots. Later this year I am performing at the nationwide Fetish Ball which will be an eye-opener I'm sure! Then I am working with Okareka Dance Company on their show based on the history of K road, a venture I am thoroughly looking forward to, and also continuing to research my own works.

How have you been involved with WE'AR?
I love WE'AR, not only because I am friends with everyone there, I have also modeled in their fashion shows and am occasionally their menswear fit model. The clothing is ideal for someone in the dance industry because it pays to have something comfortable to dance in when you're jumping around and getting sweaty... and you can spruce yourself up with a beautifully tailored jacket (a la my Dean Bone) when you leave the studio for a quick drink on the way home!

How does yoga inform your dance practice?
Well to be honest it can be an absolute life saver - with all the dance work I do you often push yourself to extremes, whether it be in strength or flexibility. Not only does yoga keep me fit in these areas, it also creates a more flowing workout than going to a gym would, making the muscles you use more ready to react in a dance vernacular. Also a meditative savasana at the end of a long yoga class is a great way to remind me to love my body.

What to you is meditation?
That's a hard one as my brain tends to run full throttle ninety percent of the time! However I find the physical concentration and inward thinking that yoga requires a great way to escape and replenish my body. Also nothing beats some essential oils and curling up under the duvet with a good book. 

 clockwise from left: Will with WE'AR staff member Maria in store, looking jaunty down at Britomart for cycle style, as Viktor for ATC's 'Cabaret'

WE'AR will be stocking our winter range very soon, which includes our newest unisex item as seen on Will for NZ Fashion Festival- the kulu wrap! blankety warm woolen goodness to wrap you up in x x x

maria @ we'ar 

x x x

WE'AR spotlight: Will C. Barling

WE'AR spotlight: Will C. Barling

Will is a trained contemporary dancer, singer and a friend of WE'AR - splore stall helper, fashion festival and cycle style model, as well as a general good time spirit around the office from time to time! Will has worked with some of New Zealand's lead contemporary dance artists such as Douglas Wright and Shona McCullagh, and also performed in the Auckland Theatre Company's season of 'Cabaret'. WE'AR talk to Will about dance, yoga and why our clothes are perfect for a freelance lifestyle...

yoga mat run down: links to make you glow

glowing yoga practice in our raja shorts and
 popeye tee

at the beginning of the week a friend turned to me and said “your skin is glowing! What are you doing?” she was a colleague from my previous life in the world of beauty editorial and I racked my brain pondering my skin care regime. It was only after she left that I realized that the big change was I had upped my yoga practice. Without wanting to sound like an advert for glow yoga, I feel like I’m a shinier happier person too!  It’s a radiance we spot in a lot of our we’ar family, from our yogi and yogini models to those of you who walk through the doors of our boutiques in bali and cross street! Its hard not to glow with joy in our popping shades of tangerine, or our hooray for summer kaftans! so this week it seemed only fair to devote the yoga mat rundown to all things glowing...

glowing corn? thats right corn! the most beautiful corn in the world glows like jewels. it looks like something made in the future but its actually an heirloom  - nature you sure are delightful via  edible geography 

new gold certification for fair and safe conditions for those mining and working with gold keeps the gold trade tarnish free via ecouterre

passion pit - take a walk has been our anthem while running the last few days (good way to get your morning glow on!) if you feel like some music glow check this out via eco salon

love this yoga journal piece on the humble sun salute! with insights from shiva rea via yoga journal

another isnt nature wonderful posts. this time the glowing ocean via new scientist 

cleo is basically the word glow as a person. a friend of we'ar. a yogini, photographer, curator, stylist and  traveller. shes currently in melbourne and we'ar loving her blog posts via violet bones

reuse + recycle should be the first port of call for those things we think to throw away! this time plastic bottles become a glowing, beautiful canopy via not cot

glowing poles that charge electric cars? sounds interesting! via not cot 

we have watched this a half a dozen times at least glowing nature takes over a city for the night - uplifting and beautiful via vimeo 

how to build your creative confidence - amazing ted talk with david kelley, a light bulb moment for many and with applications more far reaching than drawing or design. yoga is afterall creative via swiss miss

and lastly (and slightly random) I’m personally charmed by this diy neon animal garland via design for mankind

anya @ we'ar
x x x 
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