yoga mat rundown: the week of warm

we'ar snuggly and warm in our bamboo cocoonlets.




this week auckland hq has been hit with a bit of a chill so we have been raiding the boxes of soon to arrive winter samples in order to keep warm!  the knit dress, new to store warm socks and cinnamon julep have all been on heavy rotation, and the metropolis hoodie pulled out for the morning run! Its also the time of year that we’ar auckland regulars are off on their trips overseas, stopping in store for a little india dress or a pair of how short shorts to recline on some sunny beach in! so it seemed totally natural that this weeks yoga mat run down be dedicated to all things warm...
something to warm the heart : a meeting in central park with the oldest living yoga teacher in the world via elephant journal
the best kind of summer vacation: 7 volunteer vacations in warm climates via treehugger
a beginners guide to bikram: fitness challenge bikram yoga(ps the studio featured here are offering free classes for your mum this Sunday in their auckland studios)  via nz herald
the designer with the flame red hair vivienne westwood shares her tips to sustainable living in style  via ecouterre
its heating up as more brands pull out of supporting APP after fresh allegations of habitat destruction surface via idealog
is there anywhere warmer than bali? we’ar think not! new to our pinterest is a board dedicated to the yummy warmth of bali via pinterest
we may all be warming up, and the water may be flowing (oh dear icebergs please don’t melt too quickly) but these beautiful water shots are making us feel it might not be all bad. Nature you sure are beautiful  via notcot
for those of you in a warmer climate : roasted butternut squash and chickpea salad with tahini dressing
via tastespotting
sexy yoga time gets conan all hot and bothered: nina dobre verses conan as a yoga wall via yoga dork
something to get warmed up for your next practice: a practice via youtube
lastly something for mumma: warm her heart this mothers day with a home made card via etsy
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