How to care for your cashmere

Cashmere is the ultimate in natural luxury. Our mindfully curated capsules are crafted in Nepal using ethically sourced, organic cashmere. This warm and lightweight fibre is gathered by gently combing free ranging cashmere goats. It was a three-year journey to discover the right partner who shared our values and that we could work with to bring our designs to life. Knowing the provenance of our yarn means you can revel in the deliciousness without compromising your higher principles.


Cherish your cashmere beauties and love them for many years to come by following our care guide.


How to mindfully wear your cashmere treasure


Cashmere is super soft, superbly warm and delicate by nature and requires extra love and care when washing, wearing and storing. Be careful not to team your beloved cashy pieces with clothing items that have bulky zips that might snag or pull. A cross-body handbag may rub on cash softness so it’s best to carry a tote or hand held bag whilst adorned in your fave poncho or sweater. Watch out for anything that could rub against your sweater that could cause damage especially on nature walks or sitting on park benches. Be mindful of sharp or dangly earrings, necklaces and rings as they may latch on to knitted weaves on your garments.


How to store your cashmere pieces


Knitwear prefers to be folded rather than hung and kept in a dry space. Moths have great taste and love cashmere as much as we do, so it’s worth taking time at the end of the season to store your cashmere well so you can enjoy many years of snuggly love.


Here’s the thing about pilling and how you can comb it away


After wearing your new cashmere garment for the first few times, you may find small balls of fibre forming on the surface. These small balls or 'pills' are caused by some of the loose fibre tangling together as areas of your garment are rubbed during wear. Due to being such a fine fibre, and generally knitted for garments, all cashmere will naturally pill over time. We recommend using a cashmere comb to softly stroke off pilling as it forms. We’ve crafted a WE-AR wooden cashmere comb to keep your treasures looking luxe. Lay your garment flat and gently comb-over any pills taking care not to catch knitted weaves with the comb. We would not recommend using our comb on open weave and delicate pieces like our Feather Cashmere Scarf.



This is how we recommend washing and drying your beauties


The best thing you can do for your cashmere is limit the number of times you wash it. Occasional airing and resting in-between wears will allow the natural fibres to breathe. Some cashmere can be dry-cleaned but it’s often a harsh process, and involves a number of chemicals. We prefer to hand wash ours using an eco-friendly laundry liquid (we use Soak Laundry Soap) in cold or tepid water. After washing, gently squeeze out the excess water (no wringing) and dry flat on a towel. Use your hands to reshape the garment as it dries - especially close-fitting pieces.


What is Soak Soap laundry care


Soak is modern laundry care with an eco-friendly formulation. Developed to be as easy on the environment as it is on your clothes, Soak is a convenient and easy to use liquid wash that does not require rinsing. Soak is perfect for your softest natural cashmere sweaters, as well as practice pieces, off-duty wear, baby clothes, quilts, and swimwear.

Just soak and squeeze. No need to rinse. Lay knits flat to dry.

  • made with plant derived and renewable ingredients
  • biodegradable, phosphate-free, dye-free, sulphate-free
  • available in travel friendly sizes

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