forget gypsy weddings

we have so many awesome accessories here at we'ar at the moment! and after getting totes jealz over all those wanderlust photos, we decided by dressing up like gypsy's we could almost pretend we were there... almost...

 wool beanie $55
available in grey, red, pink, black and cream x 

maria we'ars grace maxi dress 
flower headband $45
feather earrings $190
silk scarf $60

 anya we'ars pleated kaftan in au lait
bird necklace $385
feather headband $45

maria we'ars pleated kaftan in azure
 gold betelguese cuff p.o.a
long sutra earrings $320

 anya we'ars diy tank in azure
twice belt (worn as headband) $55

butterfly earrings $90
silk scarf (worn as top) $60

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