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Earlier this year, local artist and yogi Meghan Geliza got in touch with with we'ar creative director Jyoti looking for a little help so she could help others. Meghan wanted to take her art skills over to Thai/Burma refugee camps to teach art + creativity to refugee and migrant children. 

Meghan was to follow in the footsteps of artists like Tanja Jade (formerly knowen as misery) and Peap Tarr all under the umbrella of the little lotus project run by Spinning Top who aim "to bring balance to vulnerable children". how could we'ar not offer a little helping hand?

So we'ar sent Meghan on her way, along with a bevvy of we'ar goodies to clothe her yogini self! Including such basics as our @ peace hoodie dress, tubelicious + our trusty and much loved hasu pants along with many hugs, encouragement and a few sneaky treats for the boys on the trip.

The following is a little of what Meghan was up to on the trip, and how she found her we'ar clothing... 

Last December, I was fortunate enough to be part of Spinning Top’s Little Lotus project. A crew of ­us artists, photographers and videographers from around the world headed to the border of Thailand and Burma, where we’ve gotten to know some beautiful Burmese refugee children. We were stationed at two schools, SAW and Sky Blue, and there we taught art classes, painted murals, among other fun things. My part of the trip was made possible through the generosity of numerous people and We’ar. We’ar’s support was incredible and I was happy to rock some of their amazing gear on the road.

What I loved about traveling in We’ar clothes is how free I felt in them. The cuts are generous that it allowed so much movement, and the hoodies on dresses really came in handy for situations like curling up on long bus rides or guarding against 80 kph winds riding the back of a pick up. It was wash and wear sans the frump. The fabric felt delicious, and it was also airy enough for the tropics. The designs truly reflect how much traveling in this part of the world is a part of the founder’s life, which it is.

Yoga is a huge part of my routine back home, and it was awesome to have kept the practice in between project breaks. It provided some much-needed grounding amidst the din of everything that went on.
There was a lot that went down in Mae Sot and every day of the project was golden....
from top left: meghan rocks our tubelicious dress in plant dye blue, meghan gets to know her students, painting time! and one of the murals the little lotus project team has worked on is perused by an art critic/little lotus child! all photos were supplied to us c/o patrick shepherd.
intrigued? read more about Meghan and the project over at her blog. To find out more about why we'ar support people like Meghan read about our philosophy and culture on the website. And dont forget to always be up to date on what we'ar manifesting by adding us on facebook  +  following us on twitter
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