organic farming and a 'slower life'

if you google search 'organic produce deliveries' for auckland, its surprising how many businesses pop up. all offering varying produce at reasonable prices with quick and easy delivery, it seems more and more people are opting for a lifestyle with a conscious commitment to sustainable farming, and potentially a slower pace of rural life.

likewise there has been a massive trend of late in australia,  particularly in areas surrounding byron bay with organic farms becoming common-place for local suppliers. organic farmers munch crunch organics grow over 25 types of vegetables, citrus and macadamias, and the sub-tropical environment with rich volcanic soil means they can grow pretty much all year round. where a self-awareness of responsible food cultivation is becoming more recognized in urban society, it also seems a younger generation are getting involved...

take japan for example. in a country where a hectic fast pace of living (and working) is putting strain on finding employment, a lot of younger people are leaving the anxiety behind and considering farming to rediscover the value of a traditional life. the average age of a farmer in japan is around 65 years old - and while the amount of people returning to the countryside is small in comparison to those headed for the city, more people are looking at the option - and the number is increasing.

photos: bbc news

 wondering where the best places in auckland are to buy your organic produce? or simply delicious food using locally sourced ingredients? we'ar loves...


harvest wholefoods
naturally organic
all good food 
little bird organics
the little grocer
ripe deli
tell us about your favourite suppliers of healthy fresh organic fruit and veg! we'ar would love to hear about it xx
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