yoga mat run down: links to make you glow

glowing yoga practice in our raja shorts and
 popeye tee

at the beginning of the week a friend turned to me and said “your skin is glowing! What are you doing?” she was a colleague from my previous life in the world of beauty editorial and I racked my brain pondering my skin care regime. It was only after she left that I realized that the big change was I had upped my yoga practice. Without wanting to sound like an advert for glow yoga, I feel like I’m a shinier happier person too!  It’s a radiance we spot in a lot of our we’ar family, from our yogi and yogini models to those of you who walk through the doors of our boutiques in bali and cross street! Its hard not to glow with joy in our popping shades of tangerine, or our hooray for summer kaftans! so this week it seemed only fair to devote the yoga mat rundown to all things glowing...

glowing corn? thats right corn! the most beautiful corn in the world glows like jewels. it looks like something made in the future but its actually an heirloom  - nature you sure are delightful via  edible geography 

new gold certification for fair and safe conditions for those mining and working with gold keeps the gold trade tarnish free via ecouterre

passion pit - take a walk has been our anthem while running the last few days (good way to get your morning glow on!) if you feel like some music glow check this out via eco salon

love this yoga journal piece on the humble sun salute! with insights from shiva rea via yoga journal

another isnt nature wonderful posts. this time the glowing ocean via new scientist 

cleo is basically the word glow as a person. a friend of we'ar. a yogini, photographer, curator, stylist and  traveller. shes currently in melbourne and we'ar loving her blog posts via violet bones

reuse + recycle should be the first port of call for those things we think to throw away! this time plastic bottles become a glowing, beautiful canopy via not cot

glowing poles that charge electric cars? sounds interesting! via not cot 

we have watched this a half a dozen times at least glowing nature takes over a city for the night - uplifting and beautiful via vimeo 

how to build your creative confidence - amazing ted talk with david kelley, a light bulb moment for many and with applications more far reaching than drawing or design. yoga is afterall creative via swiss miss

and lastly (and slightly random) I’m personally charmed by this diy neon animal garland via design for mankind

anya @ we'ar
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