Creating an ethical fashion brand - Lilou interviews Jyoti from WE'AR

jyoti founder interview with lilou mace

It is always good to remember where we came from - and that is precisely what WE'AR founder Jyoti Morningstar did during an interview with video-blogger Lilou Macé. At this year’s Bali Spirit Festival, Lilou and Jyoti talked about the art of creating a happy, healthy and fulfilling life and about how WE'AR came about as a social enterprise.

Lilou travels the world interviewing inspiring people and it was a wonderful pleasure to meet her this year and discover her YouTube channel Lilou Mace TV.

In this video, Jyoti takes us on a journey from the initial concept for the WE'AR brand and the yogic principles that fuel our company, to the current challenges of growing a sustainable ethical fashion brand.  Enjoy! 



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