A life cycle for WE-AR beauties

Create a wardrobe that’s kind to the planet and lasts for seasons to come.


The easiest way to build a strong sustainable wardrobe is to buy pieces that are made out of natural fabrics then take really good care of them. Taking care of your WE-AR beauties extends their lifespan and keeps them out of landfills and reduces our overall carbon, waste and water footprint.


To care for your gems, we suggest to use earth-friendly soap, hand-wash whenever possible and dry them in the shade. Avoid wearing anything that will snag or pull on the fabric and store in a dry, well-aired wardrobe.


When your WE-AR favourites finally reach the end of their natural lifecycle after you have loved and worn them for years, there are ways to repurpose them. 


1) Take items to your local tailor to be mended to breathe a second life into them. 

2) Donate them to your local City Mission or Salvation Army.

3) If your pieces are beyond repair and cannot be donated, you can cut them into rags to use for cleaning. 

4) Use the textiles to make children's toys with - you could stuff bears or bean bags. 

5) Compost them at home or take them to a community garden. 

6) You can drop them to us at our Ponsonby or Waiheke Stores and we can donate or compost them for you.