Women I admire. Women who inspire: A conversation with Celine Cousteau


Shannon Ryan shares her conversation with Celine about her work.


When news of the fires taking over the Amazon made its way into mainstream media coverage there was one woman I jumped to talk to, Celine Cousteau. Celine has spent many years learning from the indigenous peoples of the Vale do Javari deep in the Amazon, and was asked to tell their story to the world. Today, her work is more important than ever.

While some weeks have passed since, the gravity of the situation is still the same. Through Celine’s work, she has produced a film called ‘Tribes on the Edge’. Throughout our conversation you’ll catch a glimpse of the film and insights from Celine’s unique perspective as a woman invited into the intimate and threatened world of the people of the Vale do Javari.

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Celine Cousteau & Shannon Ryan, Galapagos Islands 2013.





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