WE-AR at Bali Spirit Festival

“Return to Source” was the theme for this years epic Bali Spirit Festival and that we did at the beloved original venue Bali Purnati. The Bali Spirit Festival market place, known as the Dharma Fair, once again provided a beautifully harmonising space of intimacy and attraction, where BSF goers and vendors could gravitate and connect. WE-AR proud to be a part of this vibrant indoor/outdoor marketplace showcasing our SS17/18 collection ‘the space in between’ alongside an array of other local and international sustainable, ethical and conscientious vendors.

With an abundance of yoga, music, food and dance, there were oh so many sweet captures of moments in time. We surrendered wholly to each and every one, embracing and seamlessly immersing ourselves within the childlike expressiveness of the festival envelope, an environment that allows all individuals the potential to ground down, reconnect, and interact with the lush and continuous flow of greenery surrounding them.

Soaking up the blessings of this years Bali Spirit Festival was easy, whether that meant indulging in a bit of barefoot ecstatic dance, attending a healing workshop, a soft and gentle hip opening yin yoga class, or enjoying the delicate tastes of Kokolato’s ‘Anahata’ vegan designer gelato, a flavour combo of rose, cardamom and ginger, and everything in between.

WE-AR thankful for the privilege of working alongside many inspirational yogis this year, including Cristina Lopez McLauchlan, Tymi Howard, Eoin Finn, and Pete Longworth. And WE-AR grateful to continue this journey with Bali Spirit Festival, empowering emotional, physical and spiritual expansion all the while being suspended in imagination and creativity. The wonder and magic of Bali's most famous yogi and conscious community festival is something truly special, bringing together an unbelievably colourful crowd each year.

A blissfully powerful global celebration and stimulation of the senses. Till next year…


Bali Spirit Festival



With love and thanks to Ulrike Reinhold for the pics!



Cristina Lopez McLauchlan


Tymi Howard


Eoin Finn


Pete Longworth


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