Universal Languages of Love - Gift Guide

February calls in a month of love, so let's talk love languages. The concept of the five languages of love was first introduced by author Gary Chapman on his book 'The Five Love Languages'. The book highlights that we receive and express love in different ways. Knowing you and your partner's love language helps you both feel loved and understood. So what are these love languages? Discover them below + gift guide for you and your loved ones.


Receiving gifts symbolises a token of appreciation and affection. Choose our tree-hugging sustainable clothes + intimates that are made to last. Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a WE-AR Gift Voucher.

Words of Affirmations 
The words of affirmation love language is expressed through spoken words or verbal compliments. Write a gratitude letter/ journal on what you’re grateful for and what you appreciate about your loved ones. 

Acts of Service 
Have you heard of the phrase action speaks louder than words? The acts of service peeps are usually more interested in what you do rather than what you say. An act of service can be as simple as cooking their favourite meals. 

Physical Touch
To anyone with this love language is more about intimacy to feel more connected and safe through physical touch. For us, clothing is a skin care too. Choosing a natural non-toxic fabric that loves your skin as much as you do, or schedule a spa day. 


Quality Time
Quality time means giving your partner undivided attention and presence.This can be as simple as really listening when you ask about their day or making time to meditate, watch the sunset or do yoga together.

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