Three tips for growing your business by Emily Gallagher


When looking to build a business, there's so many tips and tricks out there that it can be easy to get overwhelmed… and an overwhelmed brain tends to short circuit and not want to move forward on anything. I prefer a more simple approach to life and business, and the below are a few tips that I know have supported me and my clients in creating massive results. 


Follow your curiosity


One of the biggest reasons I see people (and can get caught myself) getting so stuck... Is trying to make every decision the ‘right’ decision… We can get trapped by the terms ‘follow your passion’, ‘find your purpose’... Which can make people feel like we have ONE thing we are going to do forever, or that we are destined to do, and can put people off in getting started.

My experience with building my own business, and working with the hundreds of people I encounter through my programmes and events, is it is when we soften into allowing ourselves to constantly tune into and be conscious of what is lighting us up, what we are curious about and following those whispers. That will always lead us to the next ‘right; action, step, and decision we need to make.

Get in the Game

Yep... No matter how conscious we are, how much we tune in, meditate and focus on manifesting... We still ultimately have to be willing to get in the game and take action... For years I kept myself stuck waiting for the certainty & the confidence before I was willing to really find out what business I wanted to build or what it would look like. Trying to have too many answers worked out before we start is the fastest way to ensure we stay stuck in our controlling mind (and ego) that often just wants us to stay safe… and to be in business is to take a risk… one that continues to pay off the more and more action you are willing to take :) So stop thinking it over (it’s likely you’ve already thought about it enough) and get in the game and the path will continue to show itself.

Curate and create your power environment

Your environment, everything from the conscious threads you wear, to your office, home, and friend group is of crucial importance ... not just in everyday life, but especially when you are looking to step into building a business. It is so important to be surrounded by people who support, uplift (even challenge you) because what you are surrounded by directly impacts your expectations on yourself and the standards you set for yourself. If you're around people who are conscious, always growing, striving to create impact, build powerful lives and are motivated and inspired… the natural default is you will be too. So check in with the who and the what you’re around the most, and if it doesn't rock your world... Shake it up... The importance of this can not be overstated!


Emily Gallagher 

Conscious Boss

As a leader in the Conscious business movement and founder of Business Coaching Company Conscious Boss, Emily Gallagher is on a mission to help change the habits, patterns & behaviors of our global community, through consciousness, social entrepreneurship & collaboration.


Emily does this through her Conscious Boss Clique events across the world, coaching programmes, videos, podcast, speaking & personal philanthropic endeavours.


Emily is based between NZ & the US & is passionate about taking the Conscious Boss movement global & sharing the trends in all things conscious business, living & leading.


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