Share the shakti vibes

This season we introduce the slogan print mantra styles for women - a new route for WE-AR, an organic evolution woven through existing styles. Fun and playful, this season our focus is on encouraging the divine feminine in all our beautiful WE-AR tribe to shine through! 

One of our slogan styles ‘Shakti Bomb’ has just landed online in seasonal hues. Shakti is recognised as the subtle energy that represents power, or primordial cosmic energy - a dynamic force that encompasses the entire universe. Shakti embodies the feminine energy of Shiva, honouring fertility and creativity - all the wonderful and abundant things in this life that should be celebrated as we transition through Spring and a new moon in Libra. Shakti Bomb is exactly that - a big old explosion of energetic empowerment, go forth and conquer we say!

Share the shakti vibes with us and celebrate the divine feminine energy. Our Shakti Flare Yoga Tank is a supple organic cotton blend racer back in a soft and relaxed A-line fit. An open cut arm detailing offers breathable wear for any practice - shop them in seasonal hues here.


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