WE-AR Polka Splotch

WE-AR in love with the playfulness of our very own Polka Splotch print.

Developed using ancient dying techniques where dots are rendered individually with drops of ink on a wet clothing this print is featured on our ever so popular Boyfriend Shirt, our beautifully drapping Round Skirt and the classic New Romantic Leggings.

*New Romantic Leggings also available in Grey Marl Kale Polka Splotch and Nero Graphite Blue Polka Splotch

Polka dots have been dancing their way through history from as early as the 17th century with French paintings showcasing women adorned in Polka Dot Capes, Jackets, and Dresses.

Some say the Polka Dot name was inspired by a dance which took America and Europe by storm in the 1830's. With its Bohemian origins the Polka dance was a spirited and lively dance sure to bring a smile to everyone's faces. 

More recently in the 1930's, Walt Disney introduced Minnie Mouse wearing a red polka dot dress and matching bow. This trend took off with polka dots appearing in stores worldwide. 

Since then, polka dots have been the muse of artists, musicians, designers and more, dancing their way through our hearts and into our wardrobes.





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