The sappy sentiments of fleeting mid february tales have come and gone and what is left is the pulsating heartbeat of our everyday experience. This is the unwavering love story that includes you, me and all 365 days of the year. Because you and I are always in love, whether we recognize it or not.

Love is both the creative consciousness that we are made up of and the theme for the story we are here to live. When we love someone or something it is the recognition of this love consciousness that is our nature. Everything we meet is a mirror sent from the universe with our unique formula that either reflects Self-love or, as Rumi says, finds all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

The playful ups and downs of life, offer us the perfect curriculum to find love in what we are presented with. The key is the knowledge that we are generators of our experience, the love machines. When we hold the perception that all is a chance to love, we empower ourselves to operate intentionally and choose how we respond. The challenging situations and relationships become our pathway to free old reactive patterns and find greater capacity for intimacy with Self and with others. 

This practice of True Love is not for the faint-hearted who seek safety and predictable happy endings. Faith flickers. Hearts hiccup. And relationships revolve. Bold lovers know that heart powered presence is possible in the most awkward of circumstances and that even the unsavory scenes are opportunities to show up and love in the face of unconsciousness action. 

Choose to meet the world through the lens of Love in every pulsating moment. And I will too. And eventually, every story we tell will begin with “it was love at first sight.”

Jess Kamell
instagram @bohemianbhakti

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