Let's talk BRAS - Earth loving + inclusive

How hard is it to find your dream bra? Let alone doing it online and ensuring it's made in a safe textile you feel confident to wear as your closest layer. We know it sisters, so we've crafted this journal entry to share how each and every one of our dreamy soft, earth-loving bralettes has been designed to meet the highly specific needs of different body shapes. Read on to discover how we've designed our bralettes to create an uplifting experience without the squeeze lines, spillage and general discomfort.

You know the common yoga cue ‘root to rise’? We like to think our bralettes embody that mantra. They're engineered to provide a forward, up and centre feel to give you that confidence boost, because who doesn’t love a little lift? We’ve also paid careful attention to the cup volume, to make sure our bras fit beautifully and flatter a variety of body shapes. Say goodbye to unsightly lines and say hello to closed-in silhouettes without any spillage. 

Explore our range of eco-luxe bralettes below and embrace the beauty of thoughtfully designed pieces that care for both you and the planet.

Fitek Bra: Sport-style Coverage

The Fitek Yoga bralette is our sport-style bralette that will have your your back during movement – literally! The elastic straps at the back give you all the security and comfort you’ll need.

Cross-Back Bra: Comfort meets Versatility

Another favourite for any asana practice or every day wear, our Cross-Back Bra is hard not to love. Adjust the clasp at the back to your desired fit and enjoy the ultimate freedom of movement.

Deco Bra: Minimalist Support

Ahh the Deco Bra, the perfect blend of minimalism and gentle support in one elegant design. Wear it for movement or any activity where you desire next-level comfort (Netflix on the couch counts!).

Slip Bralette: Everyday Comfort

The Slip Bralette is a favourite for everyday comfort and practicality whether on or off the mat. Offering a deep V neckline and adjustable straps, it’s a great option for those lower necklines and is also loved by breastfeeding mama’s.

Radiance Bralette: Unleash Your Style

An original favourite, the Radiance Bralette will never fail to showcase your fun side. The intricate back detailing makes it a perfect choice for layering under yoga tanks, or worn with sheer tops and dresses.

Grace Bralette: Embrace Elegance + Support

The Grace Bralette is the newest love of our bralette collection and can also double as crop top. The longer bodice not only feels great but offers an elegant silhouette to ensure you feel totally tucked-in.


Sierra Bralette: Versatile V- Shape

The Sierra Bralette is another beauty that can double as a crop top or be worn under a tee for a seamless look. The V shape at the front will flatter any body shape and the ample cup shape makes it perfect for a larger bust.

Sha Bra:
Embrace Minimalism.

Our most minimalistic option and staple less-is-more piece. The Sha Bra is perfect for everyday wear under tees or tfanks, as well as for gentler yoga sessions.

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