Green Friday

Well Foundation: Cultivating Healing through Nature

The Well Foundation serves as the official charity for North Shore and Waitakere Hospitals in New Zealand. Their mission is not just to provide medical care but to go beyond, creating environments that foster healing and well-being. One of their ambitious projects involves building New Zealand’s first large-scale indoor hospital Healing Garden.

The Healing Power of Greenery

Did you know that exposure to nature can significantly impact a patient's recovery? Studies have shown that patients with access to greenery or a view of nature from their hospital beds experience shorter stays, fewer post-surgical complications, and reduced reliance on pain medication. Recognising this, the Well Foundation is on a mission to bring nature into the heart of the hospital.

Your Contribution Matters

This Green Friday until Friday December 1st, every order you place with us will contribute $10 towards the realisation of New Zealand’s first large-scale indoor hospital Healing Garden. Your support will help fill the heart of the new hospital with lush living plants, creating an environment that encourages relaxation and fosters recovery.

Let's turn Black Friday into Green Friday—because this year, giving back is the greatest deal of all. 🌿

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