Gratitude tools from our teacher Kiri


Kiri Spiotta, our divine yoga teacher shares with us her gratitude journey and what tools she draws on to ignite gratefulness when she feels negative energy creeping in.

How do you practice gratitude?

This changes on a day by day moment basis. Sometimes it’s journaling- writing a list of 3 things I’m grateful for and elaborating on why I’m grateful for them and what I love about them. Whether it be a person, a place or a memory- diving deeper into writing about the specificities of what I’m grateful for, rather than just writing a bullet point list, helps me tune into a more embodied sense of gratitude. Other times practicing gratitude is as simple as being present with small pleasures in life- pausing for a moment to really take in that first sip of coffee in the morning or quite literally stopping to smell the flowers- that moment of stillness and appreciation for the beauty of simplicities and choosing to carve time out of an incredibly busy and full life feels like an embodied expression of gratitude for me.

What tools do you have up your sleeve when you feel negative energy creeping in? 

First and foremost- yoga! When the internal volume of my mind is starting to crank I turn to yoga to dial it down. I find more dynamic practices where I am exploring my edges physically help me shake off + sweat off anything that isn’t mine to carry. Surfing has also been massive for me lately in cultivating a more positive state of being. It’s exercise, nature time, and flow state- all in one. What are you most grateful for at the moment I’ve recently moved to Raglan, a beautiful wee surf town on the West coast of Aotearoa. Feeling the sense of community here, both in the coffee shops and in the surf has brought me such a sense of joy and gratitude. Getting to share yoga at the studio here, The Space, has also been filling my heart to the brim.

How can Maia yoga help you to find gratitude? 

The library of Māia Yoga classes is a continually expanding resource to help you connect back into yourself. I believe our true essence is existing in a state of spaciousness, love, and gratitude. By doing yoga, we peel back the layers of our more human, thinking based self and connect back to our true nature- our deeper sense of self that exists as an easeful presence of gratitude and love. So in this way, every Māia Yoga class has the power to connect us back to gratitude. I am also hosting a free 4 day challenge next week that is all about cultivating a sense of clarity and calm within. We will learn tools to regulate the nervous system and connect to this natural state of easeful spaciousness and gratitude. You can sign up for the challenge entirely for free HERE.

What are we-ar pieces do you love to practice in? 

Tri-ka Lyte Organic Leggings and the Grace Brallete in Adobo. I can move with such ease and freedom in them and the warm, earthy colour feels simultaneously grounding and vibrant.


What are you fave we-ar pieces to journal / chill out in? 

Paper Bag Pants and a Caja Hoodir! They’re super cozy and snuggly and honestly I never take them off when I’m lounging around the house!

Join us at 4 pm today as Kiri will lead us through a nourishing yoga flow, streamed live on our Instagram. Can't make it at 4 pm? We'll save it to our IGTV, so you can practice whenever you feel called. 


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