bamboo eco-luxe

we'ar incorporating bamboo blends into our snuggly winter yoga range so let's look at what makes it so special... bamboo is actually a grass and grows faster than any other species which makes it a fantastic sustainable product for textiles.  its super smooth characteristics make it super soft next to the skin and it absorbs moisture well. it also has anti-bacterial properties which makes it healthier and germ and odour free :)

all good things considered, the chemical processing used to obtain fibres can sometimes be quite toxic- therefore not the most eco friendly, as fibres are dissolved in cellulose. there are ways of treating the fibres with enzymes, although it is more expensive and time consuming which is why it's not as preferred by manufacturers. so basically the more natural the process the more costly... but worth it. let us know your thoughts!

bamboo fleece cocoonlet - easily the softest piece in the winter range...  i would start getting up at 5am again to do yoga in this bad boy. delish

bamboo hasu deluxe - bamboo cotton lycra blend so the comfort factor is ridiculous for how awesome they look. yoga pant that doubles as a solid high waisted option with boots, what more could you want out of one item?? wait, also the top can also be folded down on these (to fit similar to our original hasu pant). there, another reason why these are a winter must have! xx 

if you want more in depth info on bamboo as an eco-fabric this article has some interesting points
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