Find us at Bali Spirit Festival

Next week we are excited to be heading back to Bali to set up our pop-up at Bali Spirit Festival. They asked our Designer and Director a few questions to share on their blog, we thought we'd share them with you too! Hope you to see you at the festival tribe.


Why did you create WE-AR?

I started WE-AR to explore my core belief that we are one and therefore every action we take has a ripple effect on all of creation. WE-AR is essentially an experiment in taking yoga off the mat and into some of the stickier parts of our world i.e the inequity between people and the environmental and humanitarian challenges we face at this time.
I've never found it acceptable that inequality and destructive, extractive processes are justified in the name of business. I believe it is our responsibility as designers and entrepreneurs to extend our discipline to design our businesses as beautifully as we do our products. Understanding the circumstances of all who touch and are touched by a product during it's full life cycle is common sense.  Without this holistic consideration much of what is designed is at best worthless and at worst deadly for both people and planet.

Why did you choose Bali to set up your business?

Bali is an island of yoga in action. The traditions are holistic and cyclical. Bali is also an island of entrepreneurs and creatives who favour working for themselves or in small family projects over corporate enterprise. These factors created an ideal environment to try out a sustainable production process. It turned out so well we still craft the majority of our clothing here in a decentralised process that encourages people to work in their villages instead of succumbing to urban migration and it's associated malaise of abandoned village, values and tradition.

Some of our core values:

Empowered individuals, thriving families

Conscious collaboration, active engagement, reinvestment of profits

Mindfully made in harmony, because we care


What fabrics / textiles do you use?

We carefully select textiles for all our garments, including our organic yoga clothing, that feel good against the skin, perform well, are of good quality and are good for the environment. To help with the selection process, we have developed a preferred materials list based on a rigorous life-cycle analysis that considers the environmental, health and social impact of the growth and processing of plants, fibres and textiles. We are always looking for new textile solutions to meet our design and sustainability needs, and we continue to increase our use of preferred materials with every collection.

You're BCORP certified - what does this mean?

B Corp is grounded in the principle of Interdependence which is another way of understanding what WE-AR calls Oneness. The process to belong is one of certification that verifies an organisation has met the highest standards of social and environmental performance, along with public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps form a community that drives a worldwide movement using business as a force for good.

The Ultimate Wellness Competition 

Enter our Bali Spirit Festival competition HERE and you could WIN the ULTIMATE WELLNESS package including $500 to spend on our online store, dinner + dessert for two at Achemy Cafe, $2,000 USD to go toward Sattva Soul Retreats next Bali retreat, 30 day unlimited yoga membership at The Practice and the ultimate spa package at Amo Spa including Amo Scrub, microdermabrasion facial, naturica Hair repair, Sauna day access.