5 mins with Tailor Founder Sara

WE-AR talked to Sara Quilter, founder of Tailor, on the evolution of her natural skincare range, how she sets herself up for a productive day and her views on the topical chemical-free movement. 

What was the first step you took to start your business?

My first step was to set an intention. I wanted to make great skincare but also knew that I knew NOTHING about being in business. So I set the intention of learning how to be in business by taking the steps to start one. My next step was to buy a cake mixer. Because hand mixing was not going to work and I'm all about working smarter, not harder. 

What was your greatest fear when launching Tailor Skincare into the market? Does this fear still exist? 

I was worried about failure. Which comes back to the intention I set in the beginning. This fear of failure still pops up every now and then sometimes it's pretty intense because I have more too loose. However, I come back to my intention of learning how to be in business and I tell myself it's ok to fail if you can learn from it, grow and move on. 

How do you prime yourself in the morning to set you up for a productive day? 

In an ideal world, I would start with a 6.30 Power Living vinyasa class (which does happen 2-3 times per week). But sometime I can't make it to class and I love my morning coffee routine of walking Loui (my Mini Schnauzer, best friend, and psychologist) along Lyall Bay Beach to the Spruce Goose, grabbing a coffee and walking back to Tailor HQ before I start my day. I always make a point of manifesting gratitude when I do this because it's a pretty special routine and I'm pretty lucky to have the opportunity to do this in the morning. 

What are some of your non-negotiables that you do every day? 

I have to take a walk with Loui - he needs it and so do I. 

My other non-negotiable is my skincare routine. I really love my products and really enjoy taking the time each day to give myself a mini facial at home (sometimes elaborate and sometimes simple but it's non-negotiable). 

After a stressful day, what is your best advice for unwinding?

Naked Sauna. No, seriously I've just found the Finnish sauna and plunge pool here in Wellington and it's such a good way to detox, unwind and relax. Naked or not!
I also love to float and try to go to Float Well NZ at least once a month. For those who haven't tried it before I highly recommend trying it. Floating helps me to block out the world and allow myself space to just BE. There's nowhere to go, nothing to be done and I can just allow myself to calm down. 

Tell us something about yourself you don’t think most people know?

I'm an extroverted introvert. Meaning my natural state tends to be introversion. I make a conscious effort to live outside of my head and in the moment when I'm around big groups of people, but it can be a challenge. 

What / who makes you laugh?

"Nathan For You" on Comedy Central. OMG he's next level. I really like deadpan humour and watching how people react in awkward situations - must be the psychology student in me. You can tell a lot about a person when the social norms are challenged and watching how they react. 

What is the best piece of advice ever given to you (and by whom were you given this advice?)

If you're pushing up against what feels like a brick wall and making zero progress perhaps you're missing a piece of the puzzle. Sometimes it's important to stop, take a helicopter view and wait for that piece of the puzzle to fall into place rather than paddling against the current. This advice was from my Father. To further explain, I'm not afraid of hard work but am also very aware of working in flow with the universe. If you're being met with a tonne of resistance perhaps there's a different way to go about doing things to achieve the same result. 

What is something you really disapprove of at the moment - feel very strongly about, and want to help change? 

The "chemical free" skincare movement. It really gets me fired up when brands greenwash by claiming chemical free. No skincare is chemical free because every material is a chemical - water, cold pressed coconut oil and parabens are all chemicals. Some chemicals are good and some are not so good. I want my customers to know this so they can make an informed decision about what they're putting onto their skin and consequently may be absorbing into their bodies. 

What do you love the most about yourself?

I love a lot of things about myself. Not to be narcissistic but I think loving yourself is critical important because you cant fill another cup if yours isn't full. To be specific I really love my curiosity about the world, I'll always strive to learn new things, be open to challenge and motivated to grow. 

How do you like to move your body? 

I love, yoga, dancing (I can't dance but love it) and swimming. 

What are you loving right now... 
- book? 

Just got Dr Libby's new book which I'm excited to dive into. 

- snack?

Bonnie Goods chocolate chip oatcakes. I eat them for breakfast dipped in my smoothie (and/or coffee) some days. 

- song?

One song which I keep coming back to is Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard. I resonate so much with the lyrics and it keep coming back to it as one of my faves. That and anything by Alanis Morissette

- podcast?

Love a good freakonomics podcast. 

- location?

The beach, the bush or the bath. 
For more on Tailor, visit www.tailorskincare.com
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