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Before a new chapter is begun, the old one has to be finished: tell yourself that what has passed will never come back.
Remember that there was a time when you could live without that thing or that person – nothing is irreplaceable, a habit is not a need. - Paulo Coelho
A little morning thought from one of my favourite authors... have probably read the alchemist a dozen times xx

108 salutes for japan

keeping you up to date with yoga events in the community... the auckland yoga academy is holding a fund raising event this sunday with all donations going towards red cross for japan earthquake and tsunami relief in tohoku japan. sun salutes will be done in sets of 12 so grab a friend or two and get your surya namaskar on xx
details here:!/event.php?eid=190214231022174

bamboo eco-luxe

we'ar incorporating bamboo blends into our snuggly winter yoga range so let's look at what makes it so special... bamboo is actually a grass and grows faster than any other species which makes it a fantastic sustainable product for textiles.  its super smooth characteristics make it super soft next to the skin and it absorbs moisture well. it also has anti-bacterial properties which makes it healthier and germ and odour free :)

all good things considered, the chemical processing used to obtain fibres can sometimes be quite toxic- therefore not the most eco friendly, as fibres are dissolved in cellulose. there are ways of treating the fibres with enzymes, although it is more expensive and time consuming which is why it's not as preferred by manufacturers. so basically the more natural the process the more costly... but worth it. let us know your thoughts!

bamboo fleece cocoonlet - easily the softest piece in the winter range...  i would start getting up at 5am again to do yoga in this bad boy. delish

bamboo hasu deluxe - bamboo cotton lycra blend so the comfort factor is ridiculous for how awesome they look. yoga pant that doubles as a solid high waisted option with boots, what more could you want out of one item?? wait, also the top can also be folded down on these (to fit similar to our original hasu pant). there, another reason why these are a winter must have! xx 

if you want more in depth info on bamboo as an eco-fabric this article has some interesting points

we love dress ups

its been a hive of activity here over the past few days and we'ar all about sampling our gorgeous new wares... check out our men's auto chic shirt which can be worn as a belted tunic over jeans (or sheer stockings for a saucy sharon stone-esque look!)
loving our new skinny two tone leather belts! in a variety of colours...
insert fox paw dance move... (for the record there was a man across the street watching while i continued my modern dance routine completely unawares. slightly mortifying.)
oh so warm knitted cotton paw protectors nonetheless xx

come on down to cross st

we'ar giving you a taster of new season goodies just put out on the shop floor...

wool coats and knitted lace dresses are just a few of the exciting new pieces available... so get down here quick smart to play dress ups with our pretty new clothes! oh and there are also gloves and socks to layer up with too xx

p.s if you've never been here before we are located at 29 cross st newton behind ironbank  :)

tree silk lovliness

it's been a popular little number today... our batwing sweater made from 100% viscose aka tree silk (which sounds way more magical!) is the perfect trans-seasonal piece to layer up for the coming months.  can't wait to invest in a black version as well xx

lunchtime shout out

let's face it, auckland winter kind of sucks but there are ways to help overcome the gloom and doom.  dosha balancing with the right food choices certainly helps the cause, current lunchtime obsession for this flighty vata in need of nourishment is palak paneer from Arun's$12 spesh gets you a hearty feast with naan :)

on a side note, dragging myself out of bed in the morning just became a little bit easier!  accidentally putting maple sypup instead of honey into daily boring oats = best mistake ever. is it wrong to get excited over this? xx

head rush

its 5pm and for some of us the energy is a little burnt out... uttanasana is one of my favourite poses for rejuvenating a stagnant mind.  plus a good good ol' hamstring stretch is always a bonus!  

somewhat challenging self pic, casually hanging out in my we'ar tubelicious xx

body butter bliss mmmmm

buttery goodness in a jar we'ar love love loving the kopi ginger body butter in store... organic ingredients produced in Bali including vanilla pod, cinnamon bark and espresso extract (YUM) brings all the best things together with a rich velvety texture. Get that tester pot away from me before its all gone! xx

By we'ar on 2011-05-03

shine lady is a new contemporary dance work from Ann Dewey and Spinning Sun with seasons in Leigh and TAPAC in Auckland through may.  we'ar being represented with our parchment raja pants used for costuming. the perfect yoga/ street-wear fusion piece has just added another string to its bow ;)

dealing with themes of female divinity and hindu goddess' shine lady is sure to be a visual feast.. loving the image btw xx

here are the deets:

everybody needs good neighbours

We wanted to share the love and give you an insight into our 'lil community here in the K rd surrounds... 

If you love your tea as much as we do then... hooray! Do we have the place for you. Head upstairs to tea culture which doubles as Kfm's studio and Te Karanga gallery.  The sound is good and we especially love the Strawberry and Vanilla Rooibos blend here at the shop for all day long consumption!

If you are partial to a good street party then First Thursdays is a good excuse for some late night shopping/ people watching/ free beverages/ arts and craft bonanza! Last event in March was heaps of fun and we'ar getting excited for the next round in June!

Ravioli with baked ricotta, goats curd, baby beets, horseradish and walnut brown butter.  I'm sorry did I just die and go to vegetarian heaven?? Just one of the delightful morsels on the Coco's Cantina menu.  They also have pork belly for the meat lovers... say no more... 

While on the subject of food (always a hot we'ar topic of discussion) Revel's cafe is full of excellent lunch options and they do a vegan peanut butter cake that will make your heart sing!! Lalala....
check out their facey page for info:

Also seriously what is better than a hot cup of joe on a cold wintry morning? we'ar loving Millers (right next door!) for our daily fix.

Cute vintage treasures are right outside our front door at Tiny Space and we are loving the eclectic array of lamps and chandeliers xx

So come on down to our hood and say hello, we'ar looking forward to meeting you :)


we'ar welcoming you inside our world

Now up and running to bring you the latest updates here at we'ar...  things we love, things that inspire us and a look into all the exciting new goodness evolving at we'ar.  ~watch this space~

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