My name is Hannah Crerar (@hannahyogaaandsoul). Yoga has been a transformative force in my life for the past 11 years and my practice has evolved as I have. I need the physical aspect just as much as the spiritual. Since I was a young girl I've been fascinated with the body, mind and soul connection. My innate curiosity about life and the human condition ultimately led me to a decision to leave my full time corporate career to pursue teaching yoga and studying psychology.


I am incredibly passionate about healing techniques that combine the body and mind. All yogic practices, whether intensely physical or highly meditative, have the capacity to rewire the brain. In states of openness and receptivity, seeds get planted. This is why I believe language and intention are highly important factors to consider during a practice. Yoga has empowered me with an awareness of my own internal patterns and an ability to separate myself from self-destructive beliefs.



In the past year I have become totally devoted to the practice of Yoga Nidra - essentially a guided sleep meditation. It is such a simple yet profound body-mind technique that can literally be practiced from the comfort of one's own bed. The more I have experimented with and studied the practice of NidraI've not only improved the quality of my sleep and dreams but I've started to manifest amazing things in my life (it's truly like magic sleep dust)!  Listen to my guided recording here.
Benefits include reduced anxiety, deeper sleep, stress release, improved immunity, clearer dreams, brighter skin and an ability to rewrite old negative stories in the mind and replace them with new positive intentions. 
If you want to practice with me and experience these benefits first hand - it is as simple as getting comfy at home and pressing play on my recording! You can relax knowing that the body-mind is designed to heal itself when given the space. A true practice in less is more. 


I teach regular yoga classes in Auckland at Studio Red, Golden Yogi and the beautiful Sala studio (pictured above).
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