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Geoff Brooks is founder and teacher of Ananta studio in Byron Bay, Australia - 'a true yoga space in the heart of Byron'A fan of WE'AR, geoff has featured in our blog before and is now the very first yogi to feature in our weekly five question spotlight! every week, special friends of WE'AR and like-minded folk we meet along the way will be sharing their inspiration, craft, and general awesomeness with us... WE'AR all vessels for change and possibility through our passion, and we would love to share that with you! 

what inspires your yoga at the moment?
The Universe... there is a definite maturity of energy all around us. Many of the people who have been coming to my studio and to my classes have brought with them some form of awareness of this energy. The "Universal Consciousness"...  
So; who inspires who? I think we're inspiring each other. I know I certainly feed from that and tune into the class or individual and that's inspiration.

describe a perfect day for you in Byron Bay:
Well, I think I'm blessed with perfect days because I generally start with a morning hug from my daughter, have a green smoothie, then either surf or teach Yoga, or both. I often then have a smoothie from Naked Treaties or Conscious Cafe (both organic & mostly raw) then surf again, followed by some friend time or solo time in nature. I often top this off with a live (often cultural) performance at a hall, which includes dance, or; simply watch one of the many talented buskers who come to Byron.

how did you find out about we'ar?
I was literally searching the web for eco friendly Yoga clothing & came across the label. Then the next day one of my students showed me her shorts and said I'd probably like them. I think my first order was a day or two after that. There really isn't much choice out for there for guys to practice in with comfort without going the plastic (polyester, nylon) route.
I love the cut and texture of the fabrics and the freedom you feel in we'ar.

what are some up and coming events happening at Ananta? 
We're constantly looking to add classes. Given the nature of seasons we're changing the timetable to suit with a new 4pm timeslot. I'm also in negotiations to bring some big name Yogi's to Byron to do workshops at the studio. Have more live performances in the Kirtan/Chanting style, including a Qwalli workshop on Sunday 6th May; there are plenty of other things in the pipeline including a Yoga Immersion Weekend at the end of May (details, www.ananta.com.au). We're constantly looking to provide more for the casual or more committed Yogi & Yogini, & local community.

who is your yoga 'teacher'?
For me there is no, One, 'teacher'. There are many. Especially those who you least expect it from. If I was to name them all it would take up a book because I believe everything is a lesson in Yoga. Every experience is repeated until the lesson is assimilated and adhered to - it's just the package it comes in that's different. We all have the ability already inside of us to face our challenges sometimes we need assistance to awaken our own Inner Teacher. Once found this universal knowledge is the true teacher.

Geoff is also available for corporate classes and private training. For all our friends in Byron and Brisbane, keep up to date with the Ananta schedule at http://www.ananta.com.au/classes-and-events ...

Geoff we'ars our std issue tank and loves our freestyle shorts and akasha pants both on and off the mat!


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