we'ar and natural fibres

ever heard of a thing called 'microplastic pollution'? tiny bits of acrylic and polyester smaller than the head of a pin are being found on shorelines worldwide and it would seem washing machines are a major source of this.  the problem seems to considerably worse in more densely populated areas, with household waste water reported to be a major source of the contamination.

more than 1,900 fibers can rinse off of a single garment during a wash cycle, and these fibers look just like the microplastic debris on shorelines.

so you can see why we'ar places such high importance on using natural fibres and cottons for our garments -  not only are they particularly beautiful to wear, you can feel good about the fact bits of your clothes are not ending up in the digestive system of marine life and polluting our seas!

we'ar use 100% certified organic cottons wherever possible and every step of our production in indonesia is managed with a high state of awareness. our holistic approach to crafting and sourcing of textiles is unique to we'ar - especially in a country with such a massive textiles industry. our natural plant dying methods are developed to be more sustainable and sensitive to local environment and water ways, not to mention giving a richness and depth of colour to our fabric. hooray!

 dream sea dress made from organic cotton

 andrei tee in plant dye blue

new romantic leggings made from organic cotton

look out for these symbols on our swing tags and when ordering online so you know just how special and made with love your garment is...


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