WE-AR Mothers

As we celebrate Mother's Day here in New Zealand we want to send a special thank you to all our working Mothers so we asked members of the WE-AR team what being a Mother means to them ...

Irene | Sales Team | Waiheke Island
Pictured in the 70's with her daughter Jyoti, Founder and Director of WE-AR
"Being a mum means lots of memorable mother-daughter moments of sharing and appreciation".

| PR and Events Manager | Ponsonby
Pictured with her daughter Gaia
"My family lineage spans continents and cultures, thoughts around DNA and the soul pattern, and how they inform each other interest me deeply. 
Being a mama is my greatest warmth, career highlight and all time outrageous, great gift".

| Sales Team | Ponsonby
Pictured with her daughter Coco
"Motherhood has been my most incredible adventure and the most transformative experience. Being a mother is to love unconditionally, a powerful journey of self-discovery, it is wisdom, it is learning what it is truly essential in life, it is humility, patience, devotion, generosity, compassion... giving, nurturing, caring.... LOVE in his purest form... 
It is learning to become a greater version of oneself. I am so happy my daughter chose me to be her mum in this life".

Esther | Sales Team | Wellington
Pictured with her sons Luka and Isaac
"Being a Mum has made me more aware of how everyone is a creation and how much goes into the making".

Sales Team | Waiheke Island
Pictured with her daughters Awa and Padme and is also Mum to I
nca and Eartha (not pictured)
"Being a Mama to me means I can skip and cartwheel in the street and no-one can say a thing  because my children are doing it too!!!  (Well - apart from my teenagers, lol)"

Accountant | Ponsonby
Pictured with her daughter Karla and sons Andrew and Michael
"My idea of being a Mum is 'a wonderful thing to do'. My children are full of surprises and bring me so much joy! I cherish the bad and good times together.  They are my life because everything I do, I do it for them". 

| Web Manager | Ponsonby
Pictured with her daughter Wylder J
"Being a Mother has opened my eyes to what is important and made me realise not to sweat the small stuff. Being a Mother completes me"

Ketut | Quality Control | Bali
Pictured with her daughter Komang
"I am blessed to be a Mother. My daughter is my best friend who shares my story with me and knowing that she is always waiting at home to give me a hug after work" 

Celebrating WE-AR Mothers xxx