the urban farming guys

the urban farming guys are a group of around 20 families in the US who have uprooted their comfortable suburban lives and moved to one of the worst neighbourhoods in kansas. their mission? cultivating the life of the inner city. an urban experiment in creating sustainable food freedom and alternative energy.

by producing their own bio-gas from fish waste to run a small urban farm, novel and forward thinking ideas such as these are shared with the community in an effort to lower crime rates by giving people skills and jobs to create a better (and healthier) future. just watch the video to see how they are able to grow both fish and vegetables in the same water, and develop a prototype with plans to take it to India next year. these guys are literally creating a sustainable community that can thrive in a low economic area. so who's to say we couldn't take a leaf out of their book and do it for ourselves? we'ar were certainly inspired by the determination and passion of the team.

check out the website for some great stories on the urban farming guys achievements, as well as some sweet little tutorials for things like making jelly or growing shitake mushrooms.

like them on facebook, share the video and help us bring awareness to a valuable project that could be replicated just about anywhere!

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