tea skirt wrap tutorial

the sun is shining (albeit between sporadic showery spells...) and we can't wait to run around the town/ beach/ meadow in our gorgeous new tea skirt!

the lovely anya has created a wonderful tutorial on how to we'ar this beauty - with helpful pictures to show you just how oh so easy it is to wrap yourself up in the lovelyness... 

thanks anya! xx

there are so many ways to we'ar this one piece and we'ar loving the ways that people are wrapping and buttoning this piece so it fits their bodies perfectly.

here are the basics of your lovely tea skirt!

1) take your skirt and un- fold it. behold its lavish beauty and hand dyed cotton - mm soft.  from here you can decide what you would like to see more of. the coloured side (which will be persimmon or black depending on what one you nabbed) or the stripey side.
if you would like to see the stripey side more with a flourish of colour you will start with the coloured side facing out away from your body. and if you want to see more of the coloured side with just a peek of stripey you will start with the stripey side facing out and the coloured side close to your body. - I'm going to go for a flash of colour but with mostly stripey fabric showing.
you also want to think about where you want the skirt to sit. I like to wear mine high waisted so I start over the hip, but if you are more of a low slung skirt kind of person then start along the hipline. basically you can make this skirt fit wherever you need it to! so find the spot perfectly comfortable and flattering to you

2) hold up the skirt in front of you so the "top waist band"( the one with the tag) is at the top

3) now look to the bottom edge of the skirt and find the "bottom waist band" its along the bottom edge and has three little button holes and three buttons 

4) hold the skirt from "the bottom waist band" and wrap it around you so that you can button it from the front

5) behold the cuteness of your skirt - now look to the bottom hemline and find that "top waistband" again (its the one with the tag we started off with!)

6) now arrange the waistband so that you can find the button and the button holes at the front, just like you did with the bottom waist band - and button this layer at the front too. 

7) voila! now you can arrange the skirt how you like, with the bit of colour showing  - as a bustle at the back, a flash of colour at the front or you can wear it how i like on the side 

have a really good play with your skirt and see how you like to have it fit on you, and don't forget to try it as a dress! just follow the steps above but button over the bust like so !

and then follow the steps as above - try yours belted or unbelted. its great over your swimsuit at the beach also.