spring/summer lushness arrival!

hello! its been a while since our last post, sorry we'ar-ers... but we are back and better than ever, with so much newness bursting at the seams! we have also been so busy unpacking/ admiring/ obsessing over our brand new collection... polka dots, lace bodysuits, and wrap skirts just to name a few! hooray :)

we'ar designer jyoti morningstar has taken inspiration from both fair nz and lush bali for the range and we'ar delighted to present a sample of some of the gorgeous new fabrics and colours featuring in our new collection... welcome to...

the light fantastic

summer 11/12 

Part 1 of 3: COLOUR

words by jyoti

living between two countries of such astounding natural beauty i feel my senses flooded with two distinct palettes of colour and light that both make each other more real and defined by contrast.

the light in NZ is so bright and so white. colour seems almost subjugated by the brilliance -as if the pureness of the white light is drawing all lesser aspects back into itself. on a clear day as i travel from waiheke island to we're hq in auckland there are times when my eyes can barely take this abundance of pure light. i find myself stealing glances at the water as it's flung up from the boat's engines and squinting through nearly closed eyes at the islands as we glide by. the brightness burns these stolen impressions like polaroids against my closed eyes and here the open expanses of greens and blues, the brights flashes of reds and burnt gold develop endlessly as the colours of my heart-land, my aotearoa, my home.

in bali the heat and humidity draw the already dramatically smaller landscapes inwards. so full of the teeming abundance of tropical life; every cell of visual reality is spoken for. life comes closer and more immediate. the moisture in the air refracts the  sunlight and seems to hold it still enough to impregnate every blossom and every leaf. the colours become full and rich, of so much variety and such a flooded depth that they seem to scream the fecundity of life bursting fertile and momentary - a flower blooms at dawn and falls at dusk.

i want to capture that movement of light in color. this season's colours embody my experiences of light -how it floods & moves me. how it sometimes holds me soft and close and sometime just totally explodes me.

i want to wrap myself in these colours and feel all of me -my soul and heart but also my skin, my hair, my eyes and smile, all part of this dancing celebration of light in motion.

this is my vision for summer 2012. i invite you to dive deep in these colours, to fully hydrate yourself within the ever changing beauty of nature's purest expression: light.

polkahontas dress (persimmon)

dream sea tops - gili sea and lime sorbet with mini pom trim

cloud top detail (peach sorbet)

bamboo print - inspired by light reflection

kabuki klompen - acidic yellow (with polka dot trim!)

parts 2 and 3 of the story coming to you soon... with love from we'ar... xx