entry by geoff brooks from ananta. yoga teacher and general awesome person based in brisbane and byron bay, who also loves we'ar as much as we do...

Being a Male is not overly unique. Practicing Yoga isn't either. Either is being a Vegan (primarily Raw), a full time Yoga Teacher, or living an Eco Conscious Lifestyle.

Add them all together and the odds are somewhat shortened.

Then try to find materials and clothing with which to practice and also support your personal choices... shorter still.

As a full time Yoga Teacher, and ambassador for that lifestyle, I've become more and more conscious of what I buy and use in order to both practice and promote Yoga and Life.

Admittedly though, I haven't always been that way. My Yoga wardrobe has plenty of synthetic, mass produced items from sporting and 'yoga' brands. I'd sweat and sweat in these things. My skin would disagree with the feel and texture, yet given all of my criteria, what choice did I have? Or so I thought...

Then I found we'ar... and, was hooked.

I love my freestyle shorts, they are on high rotation, as are my tanks. The cotton is cooling, my skin breathes rather than simply sweats, and above all feels amazing. Every Asana is conducted without fear of a wardrobe malfunction - and yes I have had one or two... or three or four in the past - yet with my we'ar gear (and) after many wash and wears they still hold their shape well.

The up side to it all is that they look great and I can we'ar them just as easily off the mat as I can on.

Getting into the cooler weather I've started to appreciate the ultimate hoodie and my akasha grooves harder pants. The reinforced gusset in the pants gives me the freedom to bend, twist, stretch and sit. Both also feel and look great, but it's more than that.

I feel like I'm not just wearing the clothes, I feel like I'm truly embracing my lifestyle choice. While that may sound a little far fetched to some, I've made choices in my life in order to support my philosophy.

I'd removed toxic components from my diet including meats, processed foods, alcohol and dairy; embraced composting (not the compost, just the act of...), minimised packaging in purchases; shop locally and organically whenever I can, and; buy Yoga products which support all of the above.

So while we'ar's clothing drew me in, their philosophy and culture hooked me. It was uncannily similar... Simpatico. 

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