“The iris is part of the eye that controls the contraction and expansion of the pupil. Allow us to open your eyes to a whole new world.”

IRIS: YOUR ESCAPE is an all day Yoga and Wellness Festival. The goal of IRIS is to create a collective consciousness that encourages people to connect with others on a deeper level. Through yoga, meditation, music, arts, health and wellness education, we inspire individuals to become a better version of themselves.

Cristina Lopez McLauchlan, Conscious Collaborator for WE-AR and founder of The Vibe Tribe, is currently based in Hong Kong. Cristina launched ‘WARRIOR5 OF LIGHT’ at Hong Kong’s largest wellness festival IRIS this past May.

It had taken a couple of months to create WARRIOR5 OF LIGHT. I was honored to be asked to participate at IRIS and created this concept as an offering that would #raiseyourvibe through breath, movement in yoga asana, and dance - to specifically curated music.  Thankfully, my friend Raul (DJ and Producer) was available to support this vision and offering.

The initial date for the event was postponed due to Mother Nature not co-operating - typhoon season in Hong Kong arrived early.  Everything happens for a reason right…? However, the weekend the event was shifted to delivered the bluest skies, glowing sunrays and sea breeze. Yay Hong Kong!!!

Hong Kong, one of the worlds densest and most vertical cities, is thankfully surrounded by Mother Nature and ocean. West Kowloon Cultural District Centre, the location for IRIS, delivered a great space for calm amongst the skyscrapers.

A variety of vendors lined the seaside curb.  I fuelled each day with the “Good Vibes Vegan Bowl” I had designed with Pololi Kai, a company I am consciously collaborating with for Conscious Cinema 004 in Hong Kong in August.

The programme for IRIS was abundant.  60+ different offerings including meditation, gong baths, SUP yoga, tea ceremonies (held by dear friend who I will be collaborating with this year) and one of my favorite experiences - a Bollywood dance.

‘WARRIOR5 OF LIGHT : Forces of Attraction’ was offered and shared on the second day of IRIS.  As the sun shone down, a large tree and the silent disco dome delivered much needed shade. Headsets on, we delved into a sound experience, and great immersion.  The tribe tapped into breath work, tai chi, and movement on our mats, we hugged and danced like no one was watching then relaxed with the healing vibrations of the didgeridoo.

Program Director for IRIS, Earth Loving Visionary and soul sister May Nogoy of curated the amazing programme for the weekend.

Some words from the tribe that attended WARRIOR5 OF LIGHT :

“As my first silent disco guided yoga flow this experience definitely set the benchmark! Cristina, was able to give me a holistic yoga experience that satisfied all my senses. Guided positive affirmations using my body as a paintbrush, with energizing background music, taking in and absorbing the energy and beauty of the trees and sky, the yoga flow elevated me. I really did feel like a warrior of light vibrating with good vibes! 

With the sun touching my skin, music in my ears and the perfect voice guiding me through an energetic flow, I had the most intense and memorable experience in my years of yoga. I honestly can't fully describe how transcendent the practice was with Cristina. Every beat of the track, every fold and every rise of my body felt connected not only to my soul but to the vibes ringing between every one there. When people say they feel the universe, this is what they meant. Thank you for such a humbling and heartfelt practice!”

Honored as always to be supported by WE-AR.

Video teaser of WARRIOR5 OF LIGHT offering can be seen here :

If you would like to consciously collaborate with Cristina or work with WARRIOR5 OF LIGHT.  Please contact Cristina via her website

Follow Cristina on IG : @_thevibetribe_ as she travels the world with WE-AR on and off the mat being a conduit for change.