ibu robin lim

"You worry, 'Will I be able to deliver this baby safely into the world?' 

But you shouldn't have to worry, 'How will I pay for it?' " 

Robin Lin, or 'ibu lin' as she is called by the locals, is offering birth sanctuaries and free pre-natal care for woman in bali who cannot afford the hospital costs after their precious baby is born. 

some women spend the night sleeping on mats outside the hospital so they can be let in to feed their baby in the morning, not able to take them home until the bills have been paid.

choosing to make a difference for mothers and babies in Indonesia, robin set up her Yayasan Bumi Sehat (healthy mother earth foundation clinics) where 80% of the patients can barely afford to pay anything.  medical care and a loving environment is provided to those mothers who would otherwise be potentially forced to give their babies up for adoption.

robin is a nominated community crusader for CNN heroes 2011 and we'ar agree, this much loved and vital woman deserves your vote...

"Does the world have a responsibility to all pregnant women, to each new baby? Yes. Each baby, each adult deserves a clean, healthy, loving environment. ... Those things are basic. Those are a human right."

read more about robin and her cause on the Bumi Sehat foundation website