Hungy Bins for Ponsonby Precinct

A fantastic initiative is arriving as part of the new development happening in the Ponsonby Precinct, and we here at WE'AR couldn't be more pleased. NZ designed and made Hungry Bin worm farms are a unique and highly efficient way to process up to 2kg of waste per day, and it makes sense to have more around - considering the average household in NZ throws out 1.5kgs of food waste a day. Bins will be set up for businesses to dispose of any 'that once was living' waste. Food scraps, coffee grinds, dead flowers and even shredded paper can be placed into handy desktop caddies that will be emptied in to compostable 'bio-bags' and dropped off to a local receptacle.

Then the process gets super cute where a designated Worm Monitor fills the Hungry bins down in the Worm Room! Happy hungry worms produce a highly potent fertiliser that can be fed back into our hard-working soil. And thus the cycle is complete! Along with the addition of soft plastic recycling outlets popping up around the area, we think things are moving in the right direction for a more sustainable future of Ponsonby and Auckland City. 

Thanks to Samson Corporation and Belinda at Hungry Bins we can't wait to get stuck into some combined composting!