give a mat

we'ar always interested in projects that help people benefit from yoga. give a mat organization is particularly special, as the donations of new clean yoga mats go to young people in bali that would otherwise not be able to afford their own mats.

inspired be the kids at bali global high school while volunteering there, founder ashley brunner and her team of yoga practitioners are creating positive change from the donations of new yoga mats to the keen students. take 18 year old joeth for example - he loves yoga because he "just wants to make everybody always happy with him and never angry". how great to hear is that?

manduka and jade mats are also involved in donations, and you can purchase mats through the give a mat online store. to read more about the students, and make your donation check out the website

we'ar is pleased to offer some of our natural linen yoga mat bags to the give a mat initiative. hooray for yoga for everyone!

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