it is always pleasing to come across a good vegetarian website to ignite some passion for whipping up a frenzy in the kitchen, here are two of our faves for your viewing (salivating) pleasure...

veggie wedgie does some amazing recipes, predominantly raw and amazingly dairy and suger free! and we'ar loving the lush photography and frankie magazine-esque vibe. check out the dessert recipes page... *frothing* 

a few gems that caught my eye:

peach donuts glazed with white chocolate and pistachios

creamy broccoli lemon soup

chocolate coconut truffles
there is even a recipe for yoga muffins! tres cute :)

another excellent resource is veggienumnum - so many delightful dishes to choose from with some helpful links to other foodie and vegan sites... I'm quite keen on the look of the spicy lentil tart with pomegranate and mint... 

or what better way to start the morning with apple and blueberry porridge with chia seeds and maple syrup??

makes winter bear hibernation more enjoyable when you can feast on nutritious goodness such as this ;)