create your own eden

 photo: auckland city council

putting your food and garden waste to good use is easy!  thanks to auckland council - who are offering 100 free 'create your own eden' composting courses at various locations around the city this month. the courses are facilitated by the kaipatiki project (the largest urban restoration project in new zealand) and can teach you three different home composting systems over a three hour workshop. pick up some savvy tips to put you on the path to making your garden devine!

find the nearest course to you here

along the same vein, our friends at good magazine tell you about the hungry bin - designed and made in new zealand, they can process up to two kilos of waste per day. perfect for home or work, just think about all the tea bags/ coffee grinds/ banana skins/ even shredded paper that can contribute to an amazing liquid fertilizer. speaking of good, be sure pick up the latest copy! we'ar are in an article about natural plant dye processes and the importance of advancing this ancient but vital technique xx