Bamboo textiles + WE-AR

WE'AR committed to using the most high quality and desirable feeling fabrics to create our garments, but we are just as passionate about the ecological impact of our textiles. This season for the Poniente collection, we have included bamboo twill to construct pieces such as the Blaze Midi Skirt and Tassel Shirt. So why bamboo? We find out a little bit more about this wonder textile - the process behind creating it and of course the benefit for the wearer...

Bamboo fabric is constructed from the pulp of the bamboo grass - this is then made into fibre from pulping the grass until it separates into thin threads which is spun and then dyed for weaving into cloth.

It is similar to the softness of silk, but without the chemical process so it is naturally smoother which makes it preferable for those who experience allergic reactions to other fabrics such as wool or hemp. It is also known to be anti-bacterial because of its ability to flourish and grow in the wild without the aid of pesticides or fertilisers. This is due to what is called "Bamboo Kun" a bacteriostatic bio-agent. This beneficial quality of the plant remains in its textile form, which keeps the garment healthier and more hygienic for longer. The fibres also provide excellent ventilation and moisture absorption, giving the fabric a "moisture wicking" quality which is perfect for humid conditions, as well as keeping the wearer noticeably warmer in the cold. 

Bamboo Tassel Shirt in Stone

Bamboo is said to the the most eco-friendly fabric on the planet. It has an extensive rooting system which develops new shoots four to six times per year, naturally replenishing itself. It is 100% biodegradable and provides an abundance of usable oxygen, making it crucial in the balance between oxygen and carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere. 

The particular Bamboo Twill we chose in the collection has a very high thread count of ultra fine yarn that produces a supple, silk feel and luminous soft sheen. It receives dye pigments beautifully which allows us to create both the bold and subtle complex colours of Poniente, from vibrant fiesta to soft rose quartz. The other bonus of using such a fine yarn is that it allows the fabric to move in all directions with a beautiful flowing feel.

Our Poniente range and select bamboo twill pieces are available in store and online.


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