Bali Spirit Festival

As the Founder of The Vibe Tribe, over the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with epic humans and amazing ethical brands, one of them: WE-AR. 

After working for and with the brand in Aotearoa, New Zealand (one of the places I call home) I now have the honour of working for WE-AR on one of the islands that is part of the WE-AR love story; Bali.

A certified student (and always a student) to the practice that is YOGA, a lover of arts, travel, adventure, music and dance, being immersed in the energy of The Bali Spirit Festival is simply magical.  First and foremost, I want to say that I am grateful to have finally met the WE-AR family of Bali.

Only into day 3 of The Bali Spirit Festival, I have connected with such talented global community.  Over the past 3 days I have been on the mat and under the guide and teachings of Ana Forest, Tara Judelle, Eionn Finn, Mark Whitwell and Vincent Bolleta (to name a few...) 

Standing in the centre of the Dharma fair at the WE-AR booth, seeing the designs of WE-AR clothing dotted everywhere is heart warming. A beautiful and fashionable showcase of how sustainable/ethical clothing can be functional and appealing and most importantly caring for Mother Earth. 

The standout vibe of Bali Spirit Festival is that it rings so true to the beat of the WE-AR rhythm - that all is one.  We are one.  There is no separation between all of us and nature itself.

From the Healing Huts, to the sweet sounds that emanate from the Coco Love stage and the knowledge shared in the Good Vibes section (I am a lover of good vibes!).  Offerings of movement in the forms of yoga, ecstatic dance, slack line and parkour to the immersion of knowledge whilst listening to talks on eco karma, nutrition, permaculture and holistic healing, the diversity of talent and self expression in this pocket of Bali is super-charged and VIBING!

Daily we are nourished with vegan fare from The Alchemy, Kafe and Earth Cafe and our thirst quenched and satiated with endless fresh coconuts.  Potential aching yogi joints and muscles are being drowned in Jamu - a local tonic that acts as an anti inflammatory.

Though I am only half way through the festival, I have already been blessed with new friends that expand the global tribe I am thankful to know.  The collective gathering of such a group of people will only fuel inspiration further, continue the growth and vision of creating a world with more compassion and love for each other and for GAIA.

This experience and journey, to work and collaborate with WE-AR is an honour. 

Lashings of gratitude to Jyoti Morningstar, Founder of WE-AR for her support, encouragement and trust.  To the WE-AR crew in New Zealand and Bali, BIG LOVE, Meghan Pappenheim - Founder of The Bali Spirit Festival, Bobsy Gaia - Founder of MANA!HK, Jennifer Raoult of ClairObscur, the AMAZING global tribe and community that support the vision and mission of The Vibe Tribe, so humbled...

Being here, this present moment, the people I am surrounded by and thankfully have in my life is further testament to what Joseph Campbell coined...'follow your bliss'

Consciously yours ~ in gratitude and GREAT vibes,

Cristina x

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