Introducing ABEL; the ultimate intersection of art, ethics and natural science...

WE-AR excited to welcome Abel into our lives. 

Unable to find a natural perfume that was chic, modern and long-lasting, Abel was founded in Amsterdam by New Zealander Frances Shoemack with a simple goal - to create the world’s best natural perfume.

Using 100% natural ingredients, their fragrances evolve to a unique dynamic on the skin of every individual.

'Rather than clouding your personality with a consistent intensity, the beauty of all natural ingredients is that they’ll evolve on your skin, working with your natural body chemistry to create a unique scent. One that will continually evolve throughout the day. Abel lives on your skin until it fades away'. - Frances Shoemack 

Frances's story:  

When winemaker meets perfumer: Frances was a former winemaker, with a penchant for scent and holistic philosophy, it's no surprise she was looking for a modern natural perfume. If you know Frances, you wouldn't find it surprising that when she was unable to find one, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Transfixed when she saw a video of the master perfumer and fellow New Zealander Isaac Sinclair waxing lyrical about the similarities between perfume and wine, Frances knew she'd found her Nose.

Trained in Paris and Milan and based in Sao Paulo, Isaac plays commercial fine fragrance perfumer by day, and Abel Nose by night. For Isaac, working on Abel is a unique opportunity to create standout scents using the best (natural) ingredients in the world.

Abel launched its first fragrance in 2013. Five years on and with a growing team and fan base, they bring the world’s cities a selection of natural unisex perfumes that are modern and long-lasting (no compromises).


Abel believes in:

The power and beauty of scent. Its ability to enrich daily life in a way nothing else can. They believe that indulgence doesn’t need to have a negative impact on the earth, its inhabitants, or you.


What's your scent?

For the fresh thinker

White Vetiver - a cool, fresh wood.

Top: lime, spearmint
Heart: ginger, palmarosa
Base: vetiver, vanilla

Vetiver is one of the few natural fragrances that science has not been able to truthfully replicate; Frances loves it for its complexity and richness and wanted to bring that to life. The vetiver used is grown in Haiti and has a golden amber colour, with a hint of sweetness to its creamy, earthy aroma. 

For the romantic

Golden Neroli - a bright, romantic floral.

Top: neroli, matcha tea
Heart: petitgrain, ylang ylang
Base: East Indian sandalwood

Extracted by steam distillation from the white orange blossom flowers, real neroli is very rarely seen in modern perfumery. Pure and exquisite, honeyed and rich, but not sweet, it’s an ingredient like no other.

The most technically challenging of the collection, Golden Neroli took many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of trials for perfumer Isaac Sinclair to perfect. The final perfume is made of a bouquet of crisp white florals, enhanced by the fresh green sparkle of matcha tea and a classic base of East Indian sandalwood.

For the zen warrior

Red Santal - a spicy, warm wood.

Top: clove bud, black pepper
Heart: bergamot, ginger, thyme
Base: a trio of sandalwood

Santalum has a long, rich history that spans continents and centuries, lauded by many as the noblest perfume ingredient.

In order to truly pay homage, but in the most modern of ways, Red Santal is built on a trio of sandalwood. The soft and warm noble East Indian sandalwood used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine and meditation.

For the glamourous

Cobalt Amber - a bright, romantic floral.

Top: pink pepper, cardamom
Heart: cacao, tonka
Base: amber

The ‘amber’ accord as an olfactory concept arose late in the 19th century when the vanillin compound was first synthesized and blended with labdanum.

With modern science now able to synthesize a natural vanillin from Madagascan vanilla extract, Abel set out to create a natural modern amber true to Art Deco Paris and a hedonist’s delight.

For the cool kid

Grey Labdanum - an edgy, dark chypre.

Top: bitter orange, pink pepper
Heart: patchouli, sandalwood
Base: labdanum, olibanum

A viscous resin harvested from the European rock rose, labdanum is loved for its richness, complexity & incredible lasting power. Perfumer Isaac Sinclair declares labdanum his “fetish” scent.