Spirits will soon visit the earth

This week it is time for one of Bali’s most remarkable holidays; Galungan. Celebrated twice a year according to the Hindu Saka Calendar of 210 days this year's Galungan will be on Wednesday the 23rd of October.

It is a celebration of victory over evil, the victory of Dharma over Adharma, and it is believed that all the gods and the spirits of the ancestors and deceased will return to the earth for these festivities.

High curved bamboo sticks have been put up outside people’s entrances. They are called Penjor and are exquisitely decorated with fruit and decoratively cut, colored leaves. Each Penjor has an offering of special treats at its base. It is said that the Penjor’s symbolize mountains and that mountains symbolizes the universe. The purpose of the rising Penjors is to show devotion to the Divine as manifest as “God of the Mountain”. Mountains are considered sacred and bestow blessings of many things including, for example, drinking water.

Here at the WE’AR Bali Creative Workshop our festivities will have a big impact on our daily work. All of our Balinese team members have time off to celebrate the return of the spirits and many will go to their family homes in remote villages to be with their extended families and make offerings at their family shrines. This means that a few of us office rats and creatives will control the stores for a few days -behold an awesome service awaits dear WE'AR shoppers!

All together it’s five days of celebration, followed by another holiday called Kuningan. This special time is celebrated ten days after Galungan. Kuningan is when the spirits leave the earth and is celebrated for two days, which means that there is a total of 7 days of festivities coming up!

Josefin - getting ready for party at WE'AR Bali Creative Workshop