Follow the Sun: Suki Sunglasses

New objects of total beauty have just landed in our Bali stores: Suki Sunglasses. The sunglasses are made of wood, are ecologically sound, handmade and not to forget – in a word: super cool (ok two words). Every pair is unique. The cut follows the grain in the wood, so even glasses made with wood from the same tree actually look different. We had a chat with Suki herself to get the real story behind the glasses.

Suki is an interesting woman; she is a young perfectionist with strong visions. A part of her personality consists of a symbiosis between an artistic and a more monitoring side that makes her business strive forward. She wants everything to be perfect; she explains that it is herself she is selling. That she sometimes takes critique hard but always pulls through and learns from her mistakes.

She wants the sunglasses to be perfect so she has had to see them through other people’s eyes sometimes to fulfil her wish. That side can hold her back a bit, it takes time to make things perfect but that is when her artistic side kicks in. She is constantly playing around with a lot of visions on how to make the sunglasses better, such as where to sell them. Daydreaming takes up a lot of her time and she confesses that even though she loves it, she might benefit from cutting down a bit. 

WE’AR sitting in one of her studios, there are glasses and hard cases everywhere. She shows me glasses from her first try to make a prototype and explains what she realized she wanted to improve. After that we look at the second batch of glasses, a bit more stable and classy. Finally we get to the third batch and the ones we’ar currently selling in our Bali stores. They are amazing, lightweight, beautiful, stable and, Suki explains, very hard to damage.

When holding the sunglasses with Suki pointing out all the tiniest details I realize just how much work she has put into them, the details are smart and sometimes breathtaking. And it’s not only the sunglasses Suki takes into account. Everything within her business is particularly thought of like for example the pretty and nice smelling display booths, recycled hard cases with a hidden magnet lock and the stores she has decided to sell them in. She even does the final control quality check on every single pair of glasses.

She has tried to test them in every possible way she could think of. She laughs and says that her friends called her crazy when they found a pair of sunglasses floating in the pool… But according to Suki, that is what makes her mind calm when she sells them to her customers. She wants her customer to both love their new sunglasses and the story behind them.

Suki has put a lot of pressure on her sunglasses, they have spent days in pools, freezers and in the sun so Suki can see how the wood reacts to it. For Suki, quality is everything. She tells me all this with a smile on her face and she explains that all comes down to the reason why she is doing this. This is the first thing she has done for herself solely. This is her passion and that is the reason why she has been able to do all the research, work days and nights and she tells me that she can’t be afraid to do mistakes. They mistakes help her to improve and has taken her to where she is today. 

Josefin - behind Suki Sunglasses outside WE'AR Bali Creative Workshop
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