post splore roundup

we'ar giving you a run down of the fun, frivolity and madness that was splore 2012! three days of good music, awesome people and amazing weather...

what we'ar loved
the road trip to Tapapakanga - roadside sandwich making, dipping toes in the water when it got too hot at Orere point and driving a van convoy with the we'ar crew - ahhh summer bliss :)

the portavillion and fresh water lagoon - morning yoga and pilates classes in an awesome makeshift chillout area made from wooden crates with pop-art style imagery - perfect to take a break from the masses and enjoy the sun! and the fresh water lagoon was a saviour to wake us up in the morning... natural showers rule! 

the fooood - one love vegetarian and the acai berry smoothie for breakfast would have to be the fave! loved the biodegradable potato paper plates and cutlery as well x x x

rocking our summer range by the beach - the perfect environment for our eco-sassy dresses! more specifically our polkahontas maxi, dream sea lace and ever popular tubelicious... eye-catching pieces that certainly caught the eye of many a we'ar stall peruser... and for the boys? our helping hand Will got his pirate gypsy on with our sailor jumpsuit, and the metropolis hoodie was ideal for when the sun went down and you needed an extra layer!

the living lounge - circus, dance, crazy music and the awesome guys from the basement running the bar - the fun and colourful hoo ha costumes on show where a spectacular sight as well!

what the? 
there were a few things that made the weekend not so cool... namely miranda brown's beautiful flags getting stolen, and the boats deciding to dump their waste making the beach un-swimmable on Sunday morning! 

we'ar best music picks
orchestra of spheres - homemade intstruments, leotards and synchronized arm choreography - just enough crazy to be awesome.

the cuban brothers - hilarious and ridiculously talented!

the barons of tang - Maria was not disappointed! gypsy metal funk and incredible vocal end performance by the drummer. Will and Marolyn had a particularly good time listening to them mid cool off beach swim on Saturday afternoon x x x

want to see some pics? check out our Splore photo album here!

thanks to the organizers of Splore for the good vibes! If you came past our stall and want to know more about who we'ar, check out our philosophy and culture page

x x x