WE'AR spotlight: Jason Moon

From a career in television reporting, documentary film making and radio; Jason Moon is also a long time friend and cohort of  brand designer Jyoti and WE'AR - this week we have a chat to him about his projects and involvement in our team. Jason is the man behind the camera in our bali footage and 'mini docomis' - from the recent bali spirit festival, to the piece on how we make our natural plant dye. Surfer, avid yogi, and all round adventurer, Jason talks about loving life in Bali...

jason cruises the bali coastline with Jyoti, and works an inversion in the WE'AR mens v tank and practice shorts!

What keeps bringing you back to Bali?
It’s a tad cliché but the surf, sun and the people bring me back to
this small tropical island.  I decided five years ago to follow the
rhymes of what I enjoy in life rather than follow a path based on the
comforts of home.  Now I feel like I’m part of an international
community that keeps the mind stimulated while being reminded how
fortunate we are of our existence. 

Describe how you became involved with WE'AR:
My first trip to Bali was to visit my good friend Jyoti in March of
2006.  She was doing her second collection and I really liked her
clothes and where she was going with the brand.  Her vision to build a
“conscious-business” based around her passions of fashion, travel and
yoga seemed like a pretty awesome lifestyle to me.
I kept coming back to Bali on longer and longer holidays and slowly we
started to document the international yoga community that is very
strong in Bali. We started to shoot stories around the brand; like
the organic dyeing process, covering international speakers and
generally recording any themes we felt resonated with the brand
For me it was the perfect excuse to get involved in the yoga
community, an area that I’ve taken quite an interest.

What is your ideal yoga practice?
At the moment I’m quite fond of the Ecstatic Dance up at the Yoga Barn
in Ubud. Charley Patton plays to sixty plus guest each Sunday
morning. It’s day clubbing with only one rule, no talking. 
What is inspiring you right now?
How to consistently come out of barrels! Master this and I’ll die happy. 
What is a perfect day in Bali to you?
That’s easy, as early morning surf, raw
cacao-banana-coconut-juice-smoothie; work and one-hour sunset yoga at
Desa Seni

check out our interview with Charley Patton of the Yoga Barn made in collaboration with Jyoti Morningstar and Jason Moon....

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