WE'AR spotlight: Will C. Barling

Will is a trained contemporary dancer, singer and a friend of WE'AR - splore stall helper, fashion festival and cycle style model, as well as a general good time spirit around the office from time to time! Will has worked with some of New Zealand's lead contemporary dance artists such as Douglas Wright and Shona McCullagh, and also performed in the Auckland Theatre Company's season of 'Cabaret'. WE'AR talk to Will about dance, yoga and why our clothes are perfect for a freelance lifestyle...

clockwise from left: Will wears kulu wrap and linen pom pom scarf, on the runway for NZ Fashion Festival, Thomas, Will and WE'AR GM Anya in Auckland HQ at the screening of 'morning light'  summer '12 campaign

What inspires you right now?
At the moment the work I'm doing - creating a show based on gender studies and also fashion in dance, the way it moves and how it becomes an extension of the body, creating different spaces around it. 

What projects are you working on at the moment?
I have recently returned from Wellington working on a choreographic development workshop with dancer and choreographer Anita Hutchins, followed by a few photo shoots. Later this year I am performing at the nationwide Fetish Ball which will be an eye-opener I'm sure! Then I am working with Okareka Dance Company on their show based on the history of K road, a venture I am thoroughly looking forward to, and also continuing to research my own works.

How have you been involved with WE'AR?
I love WE'AR, not only because I am friends with everyone there, I have also modeled in their fashion shows and am occasionally their menswear fit model. The clothing is ideal for someone in the dance industry because it pays to have something comfortable to dance in when you're jumping around and getting sweaty... and you can spruce yourself up with a beautifully tailored jacket (a la my Dean Bone) when you leave the studio for a quick drink on the way home!

How does yoga inform your dance practice?
Well to be honest it can be an absolute life saver - with all the dance work I do you often push yourself to extremes, whether it be in strength or flexibility. Not only does yoga keep me fit in these areas, it also creates a more flowing workout than going to a gym would, making the muscles you use more ready to react in a dance vernacular. Also a meditative savasana at the end of a long yoga class is a great way to remind me to love my body.

What to you is meditation?
That's a hard one as my brain tends to run full throttle ninety percent of the time! However I find the physical concentration and inward thinking that yoga requires a great way to escape and replenish my body. Also nothing beats some essential oils and curling up under the duvet with a good book. 

 clockwise from left: Will with WE'AR staff member Maria in store, looking jaunty down at Britomart for cycle style, as Viktor for ATC's 'Cabaret'

WE'AR will be stocking our winter range very soon, which includes our newest unisex item as seen on Will for NZ Fashion Festival- the kulu wrap! blankety warm woolen goodness to wrap you up in x x x

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