5 reasons to be green

WE'AR pride ourselves on our holistic and eco-conscious approach to lifestyle and fashion, and there are so many other reasons to fly the green flag for our beautiful earth...

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save the cash
there are quite a few ways to save money by being a little more conscious about energy consumption. even being aware of how many lights you are using at home (including what type of bulbs) and little things like turning off computer moniter screens at work. It's also very easy to jump in the car to grab something down the road, when for a little extra time you could probably walk..? Gas is sooo expensive!

feel better
buying fruit and veg from a supermarket is not only a lot more expensive, but probably not as fresh (or organic) as going to a local farmers market. most suburbs offer one (like the grey lynn farmers market) and there is so much variety and you end up with so much more for less. talk to the farmers who are selling - you'll find a lot of them are quite passionate about their produce, and therefore take more care with the way they are grown. this goes the same for home and beauty products - WE'AR love ecostore for our cleaning and bathroom needs!

so on trend
lets face it - its cool to be green. especially when you can look and feel good in awesome sustainable labels such as WE'AR! plus healthy, positive, active people are generally more attractive wouldn't you say? the last time I was in a health food store there were more good looking eco-conscious people than you could poke a stick at.

just think of all the habits your kids/siblings/nieces and nephews are picking up from you and your family. by teaching them that being eco-friendly is a natural way of life, it has to be a good thing. there are also many exercises in the community that are fun and informative for kids of any age, like the be a tidy kiwi campaign.

its really easy
once you start to think about it, its not hard to avoid doing things that create unnecessary strain on the environment. Frequent cafes that use biodegradable products, or buy a keep cup. Nobody really needs 5 plastic bags to carry their shopping. You can also think creative ways of recycling clothing, as well as inventing new meal ideas with what is left in the pantry or fridge.

on the topic of being green, WE'AR big fans of good magazine, and want to let you know about some awesome competitions they are running...

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